35 Trending Cosmetic Packaging Design Ideas


Cosmetic packaging design covers a wide range of product solutions. You may have a skincare range, beauty collection or perhaps a cosmetic line that needs adapting to the current marketplace. Perhaps you need a complete change with the packaging altogether. With this in mind, we have decided to show a range of unbranded products that Berlin Packaging UK offers to the cosmetic packaging world.

Skincare, lotions and cream Packaging Designs

These product ranges normally come in jars, airless containers, bottles with dispensing pumps, or simple caps. There is a huge range to choose from. So, to get things moving here is a collection of solutions we know you will love.

Design #1

Airless Bottle Collection With A Spray Pump Finish. A Perfect Design For Luxury Cosmetic Needs.

Design #2

Airless Lotion Pump Bottle.

Design #3

Cream Pump Bottle Design For Skincare Ranges.

Design #4

Acrylic Bottle And Jar For Ointments, Creams Or Skincare Products.

Design #5

Lotion Pump On Tall HDPE Bottle. Perfect For Haircare, Hand & Face Products.

Design #6

A Double Twisting Locking Cap For Skincare, Beauty Products Or Haircare Product Collections.

Design #7

A Tamper Proof Lotion Pump for Soaps, Creams or Gels. A Classic Bottle Design Perfect For Sinks Or Small Shelving Units.

Design #8

The Push Down Dispensing Jar. A New Packaging Concepts Designed For Finger Touch Control.

Design #9

A Luxury Jar For Expensive Face Creams.

Design #10

Double Dispensing Unit For Cleansers, Conditioners, Oils & Enhancers. Your Product, Your Way.

Design #11

Classic Disc Cap With A Stunning Oval Recyclable Bottle.

Design #12

Silver Cream Pumps With Simple Colour Matching Bottles.

Nail Care Packaging Design

Nail care systems have been on the market for some time now. You would normally use some cotton wool, and clean the hand nails or toenails with a solution designed to remove dirt or nail varnish. However, cosmetic packaging design has moved away from the simple cap and now offers some exciting alternatives.

Design #13

A Collection Of Top Dispensing Pumps. Notice How You Can Squeeze The Liquid On Top Of The Pump, Which Stops Spillages.

Design #14

Flower Design Top For Nail Solution Dispensing Products.

Hair Care Packaging Design Ideas

Haircare products are normally stored in jars, tins, or bottles with dispensing pumps. We have recently put together pumps with brushes located as the dispensing units. This is a great way for salon experts and consumers to apply the product and style hair at the same time. Check out these designs.

Design #15

All-In-One Hair Brush & Dispensing Unit For Gels, Lotions, Oils and Hair Serums.

Design #16

Round Hair Brush Applicator.

Trending Makeup Packaging

Lipsticks, Mascara, Compacts & Lipgloss. It’s a product line that never gets old. Getting started and making a go of it in the beauty industry can be difficult. However, we have decided to show our trending picks. We hope these great packing designs will get you in the mood to start your own brand.

Design #17

The Double Mascara Brush . Use A Different Brush Set, Or Choose Your Liquid For Each Brush.

Design #18

Slim-Line Makeup Compact Case With Mirror. For Him & Her.

Design #19

Double Lipstick Wand. Think Shades Of Gloss Or Matt.

Design #20

Hot Silver Lipstick Case & Cover. A Perfect Fit For Any Purse or Handbag.

Design #21

The Lip Gloss & Lipstick All-In-One Solution. Yes! It Exists.

Design #22

Concealer Liquid Container For Beauty Control.

Design #23

Roll On Ball Pens For Eye Serums Or Face Cleansers.

Design #24

A Depthless Cosmetic Jars For Makeup Or Highlighters.

Design #25

Compact Mirror Ball For Optimum Beauty Results.

Design #26

Colour Matching Mascara Packaging. Designed To Give You Edge Over The Competition.

Innovational Cosmetic Designs

Let’s push some boundaries and offer up something completely new to the marketplace. Sometimes a little twist or adding something practical can really help push a brand in the right direction. Here are some cosmetic packaging design ideas that will make a shout, “Wow” and “Yeah! that’s it”.

Design #27

LED Light & Mirror Lipgloss Brush For Any Occassion.

Design #28

Eye Applicator for Serums & Enhancement Creams. Complete With The Perfect Applicator.

Design #29

A Sliding Lid Jar With Hidden Applicator.

Design #30

The Day & Night Double Jar With Applicator.

Design #31

Triple Airless Container For 3 Essential Creams Or Lotions.

Design #32

Rose Foam Shaving Cap. A Perfect Treat Before Application.

Design #33

A Push Button Release Dropper Bottle That Applies The Perfect Dose.

Design #34

Foamer Dispensing Pump & Bottle For That Perfect Foaming Experience.

Design #35

All-In-One Mini Sprayer. A Hand Cleanser Or breath Freshener.

All the products on this page can be used in your cosmetic range today. If you have something else in mind and want to discuss it further, please get in touch for more information. You can also view all our collections of cosmetic packaging ideas on this website or via our brochures. We also offer a range of articles on Packaging Design Concepts that may also offer up alternative ideas on how you want to bring your cosmetic brand to life.

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