3D Fibre Mascara Is Trending Now!


Mascara is used to add colour and volume to eyelashes for beauty and makeup purposes. The latest entrant into the mascara market is the 3D Fibre Lash Mascara set. What makes these new mascara products unique is the fact they use tiny microfibres. These fibres can be made from artificial fibres like nylon and rayon or natural fibres like silk or plant fibres from green tea plants.

3D Fibre Macasara packaging

The Raepak product marketing team have developed three new mascara containers that can be used for gel and fibre applications. These containers are great for wholesale, adding in your own product and making them work with your brand.

3D Mascara Product #1


3D Mascara Product #2


3D Mascara Product #3


How to use them

When combined with a gel or a liquid agent, these fibres help to stick the fibres to your eyelashes. This makes your eyelashes appear longer, thicker and much more extravagant when compared to other mascara products.

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Mascara trend reports show that 3d mascara is trending now! This is exciting as it opens up a whole new market segment for mascara products. Are you ready to get involved?

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