45 Iconic Lipstick Packaging Ideas – Guaranteed To Make You Pout


Lipstick packaging (lipstick cases) come in many shapes and sizes. The most popular types would have to be the round and square cases. However, if you want something distinctive or iconic for your brand, we may be able to help. Our cosmetic team have put together 45 examples of lipstick cases to get you in the mood for some lippy action.

#1 Soft Edge

Lipstick case – Soft Edge makes its mark on the lippy scene with its vibrant range of colours. Get ready to encapsulate an audience with its edgy point of significants.


#2 Make a Wish

A perfect container for lip balm, lip healing serums or simple lipstick. Lightweight, recyclable and easy to distribute. Available in a colour of your choice.


#3 All Day

An ALL DAY lipstick case for cosmetic beauty packaging. A very stylish silver and black design that works with cosmetic lipstick collections.


#4 Vice

A modern lipstick case for cosmetic beauty packaging. Enjoy a stylish, silver and black design that has a transparent lid to showcase any shade of lippy.


#5 To The Point

We are introducing this stunning, action-packed lipstick case called ‘To The Point’. A gorgeous design with plenty of edges! A unique styling factor that makes a fashion statement.


#6 VIP

Check out this VIP lipstick case from Berlin Packaging | Raepak. A remarkable spectacle – awaiting the perfect shade of red or pink. Get ready to pout it out.


#7 Snug

A stunning compact, snug lipstick case for wholesale and packaging. A chunky square design with a silver shimmer. A lipstick case that is ready for shades of glam.


#8 No Rules

Discover the ‘No Rules’ lipstick case with a colour match transparent twist cap – a ritzy design for 50 shades of anything you like.


#9 Signature

We are introducing the sophisticated, compact ‘Signature’ lipstick case. A compact spectacle designed to be stylish, small and ready to be popped into something as small as a purse.


#10 Hi Lustre

Lipstick case – ‘Hi-Lustre’ has a modern design with beautiful curves that create an iconic look. A lip transformer to bring a brilliant shine to your brand.


#11 Velvet Delight

The ‘Velvet Delight’ lipstick case is a head-turning design wrapped in class and sophistication. Perfect for shades of reds and blossoming pinks.


#12 Intense

The Intense lipstick case from Berlin Packaging | Raepak. A stunning design with a pop-up button that captures the elegance of the snap click motion. A modern look for a perfect lipstick shade.


#13 Live & Let Die

Are you getting ready for the films? The ‘Live And Let Die’ lipstick case is a lively design – packed with style and elegance. It has a click and touch case to keep the contents safe and ready for action.


#14 All Night

The ‘All Night’ lipstick case is powered to get you through any occasion. A delicious case that can is versatile and compact. Print your design and make a statement.


#15 Pure

Introducing this Lipstick Case – ‘Pure Edition’, why not add some colour with its transparent optic lens at the bottom. A perfect iconic finish for your brand.


#16 Iconic

This ‘Iconic’ lipstick case is jaw-dropping and packed with style and sophistication. It has curves to die for, but it is also available in any colour desired.


#17 Light Frost

A perfect entry point for a lipstick or lip balm product ‘Light Frost’. Capture your audience using stylish colours or keep it clean with whites or soft tones of grey.


#18 Colour Love

Can’t decide on your colour matching scheme for your next lipstick case? Maybe the ‘Colour Love’ lippy case will inspire your following product range.


#19 Night Club

A lipstick case designed around the vibe of the music and the trendy nightlife scene. Say wow! to the ‘Night Club’ selection. Get ready to put your dancing shoes on and boogie all night long.


#20 Puce

Introducing the ‘Puce’ collection of square lipstick cases. Available in any colour for perfect shades of lippy to suit your brand’s style and elegance.


#21 Tropical Blaze

Introducing the ‘Tropical Blaze’ lipstick container. A cosmetic capsule that packs a powerful punch with colour matching. Perfect for lippy and lip balm solutions.


#22 Kiss

Discover the soft kiss lipstick case from Berlin Packaging | Raepak. A wonderful simple design that oozes colour and elegance. Perfect for lipstick or lip balm products.


#23 Zip It

Introducing the mighty ‘Zip It’ lipstick case. A stylish, colourful number that delivers the perfect shades of lippy every time. One to watch.


#24 Goddess

Meet the ‘Goddess’ of lipstick cases, designed to ignite shades of nude or blushing pinks. A statement lippy with perfect edges and smooth to touch.


#25 Plush Gem

Discover this exciting plush gemstone effect lipstick case. This design is packed with beautiful curves and a stunning gemstone finish. A novelty touch awaits.


#26 Cherry Blush

Introducing this simple yet colourful lipstick or lip balm case. A great novel or fashion accessory that delivers a perfect solution. We call this product – ‘Cherry Blush’.


#27 Envy

Discover the ‘Envy’ lipstick case for roll out lipstick shades for 2022. A tall sophisticated design with flourishes of colour and packed with style.


#28 Rose

A classic simple lipstick case for smooth lips and renewed moisture. The ‘Rose’ has a perfect petal design for a precision application.


#29 Lucid

A lipstick case with a stylish snap click closure is very desirable. A modern design with distinctively curved edges. Perfect for ultra mattes, pearls, chromes and colourful creams.


#30 Fluffy Feather

Enjoy this ‘Fluffy Feather’ iconic lipstick case from the distinctive lipstick range. A nose tickler that fits in any purse or handbag. Get ready to set the trend.


#31 Rich Pout

The ‘Rich Pout’ lipstick case from Berlin Packaging | Raepak has a wicked design for any shade of lippy. A remarkable look for a cosmetic brand ready to make an iconic leap. This case is also magnetic so that you can stick it to anything metal.


#32 Expressive

The expressive lipstick case from Raepak is a real crowd-pleaser with its colour combination options. What colour will you use to match your lipstick colour?


#33 Pro Lips

Introducing the ‘Pro Lips’ lipstick case for wholesale brands and cosmetic packaging. A perfect design that delivers a controllable glide every time.


#34 Soft Edge

Lipstick case ‘Soft Edge’ makes its mark on the lippy scene with its vibrant range of colours. It encapsulates an audience with it an edgy point of significants.

#35 Vivid

Enjoy this vibrant, vivid spectacle from the colour cosmetic lipstick range. A wonder design packed with colour or pattern details. A perfect mid-range case.


#36 Can’t Decide

Feast your eyes on the ‘Can’t Decide’ lipstick case from Berlin Packaging | Raepak. A modern luxury foil finish designed to shine and wow any audience. A perfect accessory to fit any purse or handbag.


#37 Fashion Chic

This ‘Fashion Chic’ lipstick case looks ready to be taken down the catwalk by a famous model from Vogue. A spectacular design prepared for your brand and shade of lippy.


#38 On Fire

A sleeky ‘On Fire’ lipstick case for cosmetic beauty packaging. A very stylish black and red design that works with cosmetic lipstick collections.


#39 The Funk

A double-ended lipstick case ‘The Funk’ for cosmetic beauty packaging. A very stylish silver and transparent design that works with cosmetic lipstick products. For two different tones of colour or a gloss and matt finish.


#40 Theatrical

A lipstick case with ‘Theatrical’ presents ready to deliver the perfect pout. Available in any colour and ready for wholesale and dispatch.


#41 Salute

The perfect iconic lippy case for any shade of colour cosmetics. A great luxury design awaits your brand to take hold of.


#42 Luxury Gem

The perfect luxury item for any handbag or purse. Say hello to the ‘Luxury Gemstone’ lipstick case container for wholesale and dispatch.


#43 Alive

The ‘Alive’ lipstick container is packed with style, thick lines and funk. It oozes luxury status with its flourishes of silver and jet black colour finishes.


#44 Dramatic

This ‘Dramatic’ lipstick case lets you see the shades of lippy with its transparent bottom. Perfect for marketing or shelving ideas. dramtic-colours-lipsticks

#45 Be Transparent

Keep smiling with the distinctive ‘Be Transparent’ Lippy case from the colour cosmetics team. Available for wholesale and dispatch.

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Lipstick Packaging Help

Did you see anything you like? If you’re thinking of a hot iconic lipstick packaging case for your next move on the cosmetic scene, and you need a little help with some options. Please feel free to give one of our friendly Account Managers a call today. For further information on cosmetic packaging for products, follow this link.

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