6 Different Types Of Luxury Wine Bottle Closures

[breadcrumb] Capping your wine bottle with the perfect closure can enhance the final product offering. However, what closure do you choose or what will capture the customer’s attention? These variables can make bottle packaging a little tricky, mainly because you want to save on time, investment, functionality and design.

As hybrid packaging experts, we are here to help! And have decided to walk you through Six Wine Bottle Closures Options that will make your glass packaging look beautiful.

Wine Bottle Closure Guide

1. Aluminium

Firstly, we provide a wide range of aluminium roll-on-pilfer-proof (ROPP) closures, including non-refillable & long-skirted closures with appropriate liners (EPI, Saranex & Tin). These solutions are perfect for:

  • wine
  • spirits
  • water
  • soft drinks
  • food
  • pharmaceuticals.

Secondly, the 30mm x 60mm aluminium wine caps provide unique brand enhancement thanks to various decorative options, from plain to printed, embossed & hot-foil printing. In addition, aluminium caps are often referred to as screw caps; these are now a popular choice for winemakers worldwide. We also offer over twenty plain colours from our stock product range.

Thirdly, aluminium caps are perfect for water, gin, vodka, liqueurs, cider or olive oil products. Furthermore, these aluminium caps can be plain or printed with different designs, and there is a choice of liner or non-refillable pourer.

In addition, aluminium bottle caps are designed and produced to meet the high standards required by the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Decorated Aluminium Screw Caps

2. Wine Capsules

Capsules provide an attractive visual boost to your product and offer enhanced product security via tamper-evident seals. You can choose from three different materials;

2.1 PVC & PET
PVC heat shrink capsules provide the simplest solution for a wide range of bottles, and they are both cost-effective & easy to apply.

2.2 Polylaminate
Polylaminate capsules blend aluminium and polyethylene to bring strong visual impact and provide decorative potential at an attractive price point.

2.3 Tin & Aluminium
For a superior finish to your product, tin or aluminium capsules are the ideal choice for lifting your brand’s presence in the marketplace, offering a premium tactile exterior.

Something Unique
If you’re looking for a unique capsule, all our products can be custom made to your requirements, with unlimited colours, finishes & print options available. We’re confident that we’ll be able to provide a capsule that captures the character of your product and complements your brand!


3. Corks

Opening the cork is a ceremony enjoyed by many – the pop as the cork leaves the bottle is music to many peoples’ ears!

Whether you require a natural, technological or synthetic cork, our range of cork closures will provide the perfect solution for still or sparkling wines while always complimenting your bottle.

Natural cork is a renewable product from the cork oak tree; these corks are also fully recyclable and biodegradable. This cork option is both eco-friendly and sustainable. Natural cork is suitable for when bottlers wish to keep their products 100% natural and where sustainability and minimising environmental impact are key to a brand’s ethos.

Diam & Mytik Diam closures help maintain sensorial purity and ensure consistency throughout the life of bottled wine.

Synthetic closures offer predictable, consistent & reliable wine corks. Wine corks come in varying diameters and lengths.

At Berlin Packaging UK, we understand that customers require a wide choice of cork options. Therefore, our range of cork closures can be made to order or despatched from stock to suit a variety of wine styles & packaging requirements.

wine bottle corks

4. Mekano

Mekano is a synthetic closure designed to provide top performance. These wine closures are neutral in terms of taste and smell; they are ideal for any food-grade bottle and meet the strict standards set by the sector.

The Mekano synthetic closures are thermoplastic resin made of high-performance technical polymers. The seal is made from a glycol rubber that provides a high gas barrier and is suitable for food use. The bar and veil are composite fibreglass materials that perform similarly to aluminium durability.

Mekano is an innovative mechanical closure born from the desire to implement technological innovation and create new aesthetic trends in the beer sector. These exciting bottle closures are organoleptically neutral and suitable for any bottle in the food sector. It is produced with raw materials compliant with the most authoritative international standards for food-contact materials.

Revo Mekano Bottle Closures

5. Sparkling Wine Foils & Cages

With a range of foil colours, and sparkling wine hoods available from stock, we’re confident we’ll be able to ensure your bottle is capped to perfection. Our team can also guide you through the process of custom printed sparking wine foils to provide you with a truly bespoke look for your product.

As an exclusive distributor of ICAS Wire Hoods, we can reinforce the position as a leading supplier to the UK wine industry. Above all, we also give rise to exceptional quality & innovative packaging which is refined, creative, and functional.

ICAS has become the supplier to the best-known Italian and French producing wineries. In short, this fact steadily guarantees a solid, high-quality standard, starting from the best available raw materials to the completion of the production cycle.

Full decoration options also bring new opportunities to brands needing a way to stand out from competitors in an increasingly crowded field. Moreover, we also provide wine bottle machinery to help with large packaging volumes.

Sparkling Wine Foils

6. Wax Wine Closures

Using wax is an aesthetic choice or personnel taste of preference. It’s used to create an ultra-premium look and is a great way to add refined detail to your bottles. Our premium wax is easy to apply to each bottle and is clean peeling for the end consumer. For example, 1kg of wax will generally cover approximately 100 bottles.

Our wax wine bottle solutions are available in 10kg boxes. Choose from a range of stock colours to excite your bottle packaging ideas. Our wax can also be custom created to your required brand or Pantone colour.

Waxing Bottles

Wine Bottle Closure Solutions

Would you like some help to discover your next wine bottle closure solution? As a wine bottle packaging provider, we would love to help launch your next project.

We have friendly Account Managers ready to take your call, send samples and help with your ideas for a new beverage.


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