Amazing Concept Plastic Packaging Ideas


Creating a new product in the beauty and skincare marketplace can take a lot of time, especially if you have an idea of how you want your brand to be projected. We have decided to pull together some ideas this month in our graphic design studio. We wanted concepts, new artwork and schemes that are inspirational and exciting.

Our designers picked out some stock products, a few acrylic options and got to work. Matching caps and pumps to different bottle designs, creating simple labels on the jars or adding final visuals can help with seeing the final product. We hope that the product visuals will stimulate creative feelings and potentially help you on your product and design journey.

Double Wall Jar

Our double wall white gloss jar range offers up a remarkable soft finish. The shive keeps any lotions clean and fresh, while the lid can be tightened – airtight to help keep the product clean and fresh. The overall look and feel of these classic jars are timeless.

Naturally Beautiful Bottles And Lotion Pumps

Discover transparency like never before. These bottle and dispensing pump products look clean, modern and can show off your brand the way you intended. To give you an idea, these clear bottle products work well with lotions, creams or coloured contents. This means you can get creative with the final look of your finished product and work with your brand guidelines.

Naturally-Beautiful bottles and pumps plastic packaging ideas

Clean And Simple Packaging

Let your logo do the talking. Keep it minimal for a powerful message. Here we have some simple tubular bottles with jet black caps that work with both the brand concept and the overall feel of the finished product. Let’s leave it at that.

Clean & Simple Plastic Product packaging

A Cosmetic Statement

Maybe it’s Time for a Change? If you’re looking for an alternative packaging solution for design, quality or maybe cost implications? We have a stock range that suits most budgets. Here we have selected stock bottles with alternative lotion caps to give your product a professional quality finish. Having a silver sheath works very nicely with a black or white dispensing mechanism. All that’s left now is your label and the details you want to have on the bottles.

A cosmetic Statement

Having The Blues With Acrylics

Our extraordinary acrylic range looks stylish in an array of different colour options. We have picked blossoming blues and tints of platinum. This show of wonder now needs a logo for the item to shine. These containers have a glass effect finish and will let light travel through from the bottom or sides to help accentuate a beautiful glow on the shopping shelf.

The Tall Boston

A great concept packaging idea that shows the full power of the ‘Boston Talls’ versatile potential. These slender white – matt finish bottle is used in different applications across many industry sectors. These include;

  1. Personal Care
  2. Healthcare
  3. Pet Health
  4. Automotive
  5. Household
  6. Outdoor.

tall boston concept packaging plastic packaging ideas

We have also shown that the bottles work with several dispensing caps. You can choose from Disc Closures, Spray Pumps or Lotion Pumps. All have different designs and colours to suit your overall look. It brings a whole new meaning to the term “Plastic Packaging.”

Lipstick Concept

The Berlin Packaging UK cosmetic department has become extremely busy with new and exciting product launches from our clients. Lipstick and lip gloss packaging has steadily seen a rising demand for product samples and orders. With this in mind, we put together a graphic that shows off the full potential of lipstick advertising.

lipstick packaging

A Rainbow Of Flexible Tubes

Our tube collection is fully recyclable and is available in many different sizes. We tried to come up with something very unique with this visual. Do you like the rainbow combination for an eye-catching finish?

Do you see a packaging solution you like? If you would like further help with your product needs? Please get in touch and speak to our friendly team? We are happy to send free samples for you to test or discover more of our products here.

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