Baby Product Packaging – Design to Final Concept

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Creating a new skincare line of products to target the world of babies can seem daunting. There is a lot to consider when designing a baby product packaging concept. The packaging type, brand, colour and liquid contents can take time to think through. With this dilemma in mind, we decided to create a range of child dispensing products that target the baby skincare and toiletry market.

All the products in this article can be purchased through Berlin Packing UK. However, we understand that looking through thousands of products and option variables can take time and be confusing. We hope this little article can help out in some way.

Baby Dispensing Solutions

Dispensing pump options can be vast. Each pump can handle a different viscosity or dosage and comes in a range of neck sizes to fit different bottles. Dispensing liquids also come in airless containers or bottles with flip caps and spray pumps. The following graphics show a range of bottle and pump options suitable for baby products. Our in-house designer has also added colour variables and splashed on some simple brand ideas.

baby Cosmetic Products

Product SKU: Al-40-15 A beautiful airless container with a built-in pump. This product is perfect for baby lotions, creams or bath time soaps. The display of colours shows a soft pink, baby blue, lemon yellow and olive green finish.

baby cosmetic product ideas

Product SKU: LD-58-3-33 We decided to use this soft, round ball dispensing pump to look fun and exciting. This collection of dispensing pump solutions can also be used for a range of skincare products.


Product SKU: LU-01-2-01 When it comes to soft baby skin, you may consider a gentle baby hand soap or body wash. This bottle and pump work in harmony to create a finished brand that will be remembered by the consumer.

baby packaging cosmetics

Product SKU: LD-31-15-00 We chose this dispensing unit as it is enormous and easy to use, especially when sorting out that tiny baby. We understand how difficult it can be. The last place you want to be is fiddling around with cosmetics packaging when in full-on baby change mode. This pump has also been screwed on a larger bottle, a great option for skincare lotions or cleaning essentials.


Product SKU: AL-06-11 As airless dispensing containers have been on the rise for some time. We have shown a popular design with hints of baby pinks and dashes of boyish blues on the snap-click lids. These types of airless containers are seen as premium cosmetic solutions.

Alternative Baby Packaging Solutions

You may have had an idea for a packaging project that is not on the market yet? Maybe you want to offer an existing product range and wrap it up differently? This happens all the time, especially if you are targeting a particular market. With this in mind, we have decided to put together some alternative packaging design options.

Spray pump baby bottle design

Product SKU: CR-44-2-00 This dispensing pump has a particle job. It’s very good at delivering high viscosity creams with a particular dosage. We have a simple packaging design concept with plenty of vivid colour options here.

baby lotion bottles

Product SKU: CR-59-2-00 Another cream pump with a transparent neck. This pump option sits beautifully on a curved bottle which looks stylish and holds a premium finish.


Product SKU: AJ-62-14 Simple jars can also help with baby moisturising or other skincare needs. These jars can be fully recyclable, come in a range of different sizes and be easily branded to your final colour options.

baby design packaging solutions

Product SKU: AJ-61-14 Another beautiful jar that ranges from 5ml up to 250ml. Talk about continuity with your product options.

Baby Product Packaging Design – Branding It All Together

Throughout this packaging design process, the designer put together various logos with the same style. This is sometimes a good starting point before the final concept is decided. Mix and match product types, colour and even backdrop colour options will give additional perspective. Berlin Packaging UK has used a collection of the above products to create a final simple brand. Our design team hope you enjoyed this brand exercise? If you need some help or a little more inspiration. Get in touch and let us know.

baby product packaging

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    Good evening I’m interested in your packaging as I make handmade organic products and would be starting a baby line of products. These products look amazing! Thank you.

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      Hi Jason, thank you for getting in touch. We would be very happy to assist you with this. Could you please email the team at [email protected] with your enquiry and they’ll respond as soon as they can. Thank you

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