3 Imaginative Beer Bottle Collections To Reawaken Your Brand


Henry Barrett invented the screw cap beer bottle in 1879. The screw cap idea made beer containers more affordable, convenient, and reusable. Today, manufacturers of beer bottles offer a range of caps and containers to suit different market segments. A bottle shape or bespoke design is essential, especially with the amount of creativity brand owners want to interject into the crowded liquor & beverage sector.

As a brand owner, wholesaler or homebrewer, you may be looking for stylish beer bottle ideas that will make your brewing efforts look extraordinary. Because Berlin Packaging UK is a hybrid packaging specialist, we have put together our three beer bottle collections for you to discover.

The Fantasy Beer Bottle Collection

The Fantasy Beer Bottle Collection offers a unique perspective into the past. The bottle range has a vintage feel which inspires elegance with value and stature. Each bottle is finished in soft amber and has two capacities, including 1000ml to 2000ml. We hope you love the swing stopper neck and finger handle that makes each bottle reusable as a decoration item or for the next round of brewing.

Fantasy bottle names;


We hope that the fantasy collection inspires brewing brand owners, yeasty homebrewers and hops professionals.

The Special Collection

Do you want to go beyond the standard beer bottle shape and demand a little flair and excitement? We want to recommend the ‘Special Beer Bottle Collection’. Our selection of bottles in this range has been designed with modern inspiration, offering sophisticated lines, slopes, high necklines and curvy midsections.

If you want to produce a line of beer with a bottle that will get noticed? This ‘Special Collection’ has been put together for that purpose. Our bottle capacities range from 330ml, 500ml and 750ml. The colour finish for each bottle is vintage green, dark green and flint. Every bottle from this range has also been manufactured with a crown stopper collar.

Top four special collection names:



The Standard Collection

Every bottle manufacturer offers a range of standard bottle shapes. Producing bottles in this collection is fantastic for low price points, mass production and offering designs that have a classic feel and finish. Furthermore, our standard bottle range has various designs delivering comfort, style and appealing curves.

Our bottle capacities range from 200ml, 250ml, 330ml, 500ml and 750ml. The colour of each bottle is available in vintage green, dark green, soft amber and flint.

Top four special collection names:



Bottle Closures

No beer bottle is complete without the right closure. Berlin Packaging UK can provide three cap options to help with the final design of your beer bottle.

Crown Caps

The finishing touch of bottled beer is always the crown! It is the essential final element that the consumer sees before opening, and we can help ensure your bottle is always topped to perfection.

With our vast range of crown colours and matt or gloss finishes, you know there will be one to compliment your brand identity.

If you’re looking to go one step further with your branding, we also offer a bespoke printing service with a minimum order quantity of just 50,000 crowns. Custom crowns bring refined detail & are a powerful tool for helping consumers identify your brand.



Mekano is a synthetic closure designed to provide top performance. These caps are ideal for any food-grade bottle and meet the sector’s strict standards.

The seal is made from a glycol rubber that provides a high gas barrier and is suitable for food use. Moreover, the bar and veil are in composite fibreglass materials that perform similarly to aluminium in terms of durability.

Mekano is an innovative mechanical closure born from our desire to implement technological innovation and create new aesthetic trends in the beer sector.

Mekano Bottle Caps

Cork & Cage

The cork and cage closure tends to speak to premium style brands. Additionally, the cork demands freshness, excitement and fun on any occasion, while the cage defines rarity and finesse.

Using the cork and cage on beer bottles can help give consumers a reason to purchase. The final beer bottle with a stylish label and closure can demand an impact in the ale and larger industry.


Glass Beer Bottle Solutions

Would you like some help to discover your next beer bottle packaging solution? As we are your one-stop beer bottle packaging provider, we would love to help launch your next project into the awaiting market.

We have friendly Account Managers ready to take your call, send samples and help with your ideas for a new beverage.


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