Bruni Glass Presents “Sublime”, The New Collection Dedicated To Spirits.


Milan, 19 November 2020 – Bruni Glass, a global leader in the specialist, high range, glass containers world intended for a variety of markets, is presenting “Sublime Bottle Collection”, a new collection for the Spirits range including fifteen new bottles for the most exclusive products in the Prestige, Super Premium and Premium areas.

Innovation Meets Quality & Design

Since 2016, Bruni Glass has been part of the Berlin Packaging group and is famous for its innovation, glass world know-how and development of cutting-edge projects in quality and design terms. The new “Sublime – everlasting charm” collection was designed in the Bruni Glass Innovation Center, a centre recognised internationally for its excellence in the study and research for innovative solutions in the packaging world.


“Create, innovate, astonish; that is our vocation” – declares Paolo Recrosio, CEO of Berlin Packaging Europe – “Having the Innovation Center makes our offer unique. It enables our company to create highly innovative products with high quality and aesthetic results; creating packaging that can transmit a significant added value to the product, thanks to an exclusive, personalised design”.

“Sublime is, in fact, the result of a study and survey of the flourishing premium spirits market. According to the recent IWSR, Global Trends Report 2020 data, they are destined to increase the volume share to 40% by the end of 2024″ – adds Alessandro Tonolli, Chief Sales Officer Berlin Packaging Europe. “We too are seeing an increase in the packaging demand for deluxe, refined, elegant and ultra-premium liquors. Our Italian and international customers are increasingly more interested in productions that enhance excellence, even for rare, elite years.”

Liquor & Spirit Bottle Solutions

On creating Sublime, Bruni Glass has developed a collection that meets the needs of small and large producers of liquors and spirits, outlining every single line for each product.

The bottles in the Prestige line have a sophisticated design, enhanced by the purity that sets apart the superior quality of the glass used and decanters that adapt perfectly to old whiskies, aged grappas, brandy and cognac.

The five products developed range from a bottle like Nausica, with a broad, robust base giving liquors importance and majesty, to a product like Momentus with its curvy lines and Elrey in its squared shape, softened by a sinuous neck, making the packaging for top range liquors prestigious and unique.


Premium Spirit Bottles

The Super Premium line is designed for professional barmen and offers a collection of 5 bottles with a functional design, where aesthetics achieve perfect harmony interacting with the rationale of use, thanks to shapes and designs that balance tradition and innovation.

Among this segment’s primary creations, the elegance of the slender and slightly rounded Soubrette bottle stands out, as does the Allison, inspired by the stills of the oldest craft distilleries.

Lastly, Premium, the line dedicated to mixology for liquors such as vermouth and amaros. The range consists of a series of 5 bottles bound by design versatility, enabling a composite range of uses thanks to harmonious shapes that amaze and surprise.

An example is Nobilis, a top range, sinuous glass container designed for liquors with great personality, or Alfie, standing out for essential lines embellished by two rings, in a game of modern shapes.

Further information on the entire “Sublime” range is available from today on the websites, and

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