Design by Touch – Braille Packaging Solutions


Introducing Berlin Packaging UK’s new ‘Design By Touch’ product decoration option. The braille printing solution gives brands more control over packaging enhancements. This is perfect for visually impaired or blind customers who need information close to hand; while out shopping.

Target Market & Reach

Design By Touch uses the global braille alphabet system to print raised dots onto plastic product ranges. An excellent fix to help consumers find precise information. Braille printing can be used for a wide range of commercial and domestic product lines. These include:

  1. Cosmetics products like shampoo, soaps and body lotions
  2. Kitchen and bathroom products
  3. Salon and hair care products
  4. Automotive solutions
  5. Garden chemicals
  6. Cooking products like olive oils.

The estimated number of people visually impaired in the world is 285 million, 39 million blind and 246 million having low vision; 65 % of people visually impaired and 82% of all blind are 50 years and older. (Source).

Braille Manufacturing Process

The raised dots can be printed directly onto the surface of the bottle using accurate manufacturing processes. The height of each braille dot remains consistent throughout the production run. Design By Touch also enables brands to use a service that doesn’t require custom tooling for their pack moulds. This can help keep price points low with implementation.


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