Wood Effect Dispensing Pumps


Dispensing pumps can come in a range of styles, designs, colours and product decoration options. In today’s marketplace, getting the look and feel of your product and brand across to your consumers can be very challenging. Especially, with the competition growing for almost every product you can imagine. With this in mind, we have put a collection of wooden styled dispensing caps together. We hope this will inspire your packaging designers to come up with some new and exciting ideas.

Black & Grey Wood Effect

The black and grey wood effect offers a premium, luxury finish. We thought this looked exciting on a black bottle. The bottle is a Boston round which is perfect for creams and lotions.


Light & Dark Wood Effects

We have produced different wood grains and colours to work with these tall tubular bottles. We can even match a particular wood grain or colour you have in mind.


Wooden Effect On Stylish Bottles

The shape and size of the bottle can also have a huge effect on the final design of your product. We have showcased both the cap and dispensing pumps here. This can be great for a particular product range you have developed. If you need more than one dispensing product, you can match the style and grain of the wood for design and coordination.


Trending factors in packaging 2020+

The plastic packaging industry is changing and adapting very fast. Berlin Packaging UK has moved to make all their products fully recyclable and has pushed the way to make all their dispensing pumps recyclable. This means the pumps can be disposed of (recycled in the correct bins by the consumer) with the bottle. The consumer does not get confused with the current recycling standards in place (Which donates to remove the pumps before recycling).

Here is a list of current trends in packaging:

  1. Wooden or leaf effect product decoration
  2. Nature and soft natural colours
  3. Biopolymer Packaging
  4. Metallised Dispensing Solutions
  5. PCR – Post-Consumer Regrind Packaging
  6. Small and compact bottles for concentrated liquids

How’s It Done?

WATER TRANSFER – this is our process for wrapping your designs completely around the dispensing pump or disc cap. Collar wrapping delivers a solid-state component whereby the design cannot be removed. The final effect is stunning, sharp and has an essence of realism about it. Uniqueness is guaranteed to ensure your product stands out from the crowd. The specialist knowledge required to create the ‘collar wrap’ also makes it perfect for companies that need to outsmart counterfeiters.

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    I would like to order samples of the wood effect dispensing pumps but not sure where to find them …?
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