Does Your Mascara Products Make The Eyes Have It?


Finding the perfect mascara product can take some people a lifetime. However, once this little bottle of wonder is discovered and applied using the correct skill level, the eyes can really have it! The mascara bottle and brush can come in many different sizes, styles and colours. We offer over 72 optional mascara brushes. This helps to shape and form the perfect lash results. With all the combinations on offer, brand owners can take charge of their products and offer something distinctive. Mascara bottles can also work with the full range of cosmetics on offer at Berlin Packaging UK. You can create a full range of makeup solutions all under one roof.

Market Research

The Berlin Packaging UK team recently acquired some vital market research regarding “what makes the perfect mascara?”. Some of the feedback attained was interesting and insightful. Here are our results:

  1. My mascara needs to be waterproof, so it doesn’t smudge
  2. The mascara needs to be a perfect weight so it doesn’t clump
  3. Mascara bottles that look stylish and luxurious are trending
  4. A medium brush length of the mascara stick works better for me
  5. We like mascara that is easy to remove
  6. A mascara that doesn’t irritate your eyes is good
  7. Light weight, small and compact, so it fits snug in my purse
  8. Non-testing on animals is a must
  9. Good shade colour!
  10. Nice consistency
  11. I like to change my mascara every 3 months to keep it fresh and clean.

The overall answers to our questions were somewhat expected and also surprising. It seems people really know what they want from their mascara.


Berlin Packaging UK offers a wide range of cosmetic packaging solutions and the Mascara brush set is on the rise with our buyers.

Our cosmetic team have put together some of our hot picks to get you in the mood so you can enhance your product this year. All our products can be made to work with your brand guidelines.

Enjoy Some Of Our Trending Mascara Picks

mascara SKU:mc-18-16
Pick 1 – A Modern Twist

silver capsual mc-23-16
Pick 2 – The Finer Things In Life

Wand & Capsula SKU:mc-50-16
Pick 3 – The Multi Tasker

gold mascara solutions SKU:mc-07-16
Pick 4 – A touch of Gold

Would you like some extra help choosing the perfect makeup solutions for your brand? We would love to help you get your product to market. We have several Account Managers on hand to help you walk through our wide range of options.

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