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Consumer purchasing has seen a huge increase in buying trends, especially since the rise of online eCommerce shopping. The common high street has seen small businesses closing, while the growth of online stores has expanded and moved forward with the current times.

Digital shopping channels such as eBay and Amazon offer every domestic and commercial product imaginable, while smaller businesses are popping up offering products with alternative benefits. Sustainability, concentrated liquids, refill options and environmentally friendly alternatives are being sought after by consumers wanting to help make a change.

Berlin Packaging UK has developed a range of eCommerce packaging solutions that can be delivered to any standard letterbox (ISO EN 13724:2002 is a recognised European certificate for postal services which have been tested for private letter boxes and letter plates).

Tested eCommerce packaging

There are four main factors when considering packaging that is suitable for eCommerce products. These four questions need to answer:

Will the dimensions of the product fit a standard letterbox?

The European standard for letterboxes (EN 13724:2002 – Postal services – Apertures of private letter boxes and letter plates – Requirements and test methods) specifies that envelope size C4 (229 mm × 324 mm) must be deliverable without bending or damage; that the internal volume must able to hold at least a 40 mm high bundle of C4 envelopes; an aperture width of either 230–280 mm (> C4 width) or 325–400 mm (> C4 height); an aperture height of 30–35 mm; a mounting height of between 0.7 and 1.7 m for the aperture; and various privacy, theft-protection, rain protection, vandalism resistance and corrosion-resistance test requirements.


There’s no legal requirement in the UK to follow the specifications set out in the current European Standard covering Private Letter Boxes which for ergonomic and safety reasons specifies the height, positioning and design of post boxes in order that the safe delivery of Mail can be made without the risk of injury.

The US Postal Service also has established postal delivery guidelines for its various residential and business customers, including mailbox size, location, and identification requirements.

Does the final product leak its liquid contents?

It’s always a good idea to test your bottles with caps or other dispensing solutions. We highly recommend testing all your products before you even think about going to market. Sending out products that leak in the cardboard or bubble wrap packaging could be a massive disaster. Make sure your products offer a sound leakproof solution.

Can the product withstand the strain of any delivery service?

HDPE or PET containers are very strong and durable. They can take most of the strains with current delivery cycles. Parcels do tend to be pushed and passed around in the delivery process. Sometimes extra packaging can make the process easier. Cardboard boxes or bubble wrap can help to make sure the final item gets to the customer in perfect condition.


Is the product sustainable and recyclable?

Using HDPE or PET containers means they can be recycled by the consumer. Berlin Packaging UK offers biopolymer (Made with Sugarcane) and PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) alternatives which are fantastic for eCommerce product packaging.


Hitting the market and capturing the trend

We offer a wide range of solutions for different market segments. These include:


The Berlin Packaging UK Account Managers recognise that performance and safety are key factors in the healthcare sector. We have a suitable range of products which include:

  1. Tamper-evident and child-resistant closures
  2. Antimicrobial products
  3. Recyclable Bottles
  4. Recyclable Dispensing solutions.

Our packaging products and closures are designed specifically for the healthcare market, providing solutions for Solid Dose, Liquid Dose, Creams, Gels and Ointments, Hygiene and Sanitiser Products, Powders and Granulate products.


Berlin Packaging UK has developed a stylish and practical product range for Household and Commercial clients all over the world. We supply high-quality containers and dispensing solutions for a wide range of applications.

Our online catalogues and sample bay allow you to adapt product needs to hit any target market. With a very flexible manufacturing process, we can offer low Minimum Order Quantities with a reasonable turnaround.


We have also been developing packaging solutions for the Personal Care market, where quality and design are analysed for a product’s success. We also have a complete in-house decorating facility with trained members of staff who can help you with digital printing, silk-screen printing and foil blocking to help differentiate your brand from the competition.

The personal care market is booming since the rise of eCommerce digital platforms. Containers can be small enough to post so businesses can attain a sound customer base with repeated orders.


Our Commercial range of products can suit many solutions and product ranges. We offer a very flexible manufacturing process and can offer low Minimum Order Quantities and a fast turnaround.

Our commercial product range covers bottles, tubes, jars, closures, dispensing pumps, etc. You can create the perfect product through our sample bay or talk to one of our experienced Account Managers.

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