Fantastic Cream Pump Ideas For Hair & Skincare Products


Cream dispensing pumps work with a small to medium dosing capacity. Many cosmetic beauty products such as skincare and hair care solutions, can be packed with expensive ingredients. Cream pumps have also been designed to handle ‘low’ or ‘high’ viscosity liquids. Both these benefits allow for a smooth interaction with the pump and product.

Some product examples include;

  1. Hand creams
  2. Foot moisturisers
  3. Suntan lotions
  4. Body creams and lotions
  5. Face enhancers, moisturisers
  6. Eye serums
  7. Hair creams, serums & oils
  8. Some shampoos and conditioners

Berlin Packaging UK offers a huge selection of exciting cream pumps that can work with stock or bespoke bottle designs. To give you a better idea of different concepts. We have put together a range of cream pumps on HDPE & PET bottles. If you see something that could work with your next product, take a note and speak to one of our dedicated account managers.

Cream Dispensing Pump 1

Product SKU: CR-61-2-00


Cream Dispensing Pump 2

Product SKU: CR-62-2-00


Cream Dispensing Pump 3

Product SKU: CR-16-4-02


Cream Dispensing Pump 4

Product SKU: CR-48-2-00


Cream Dispensing Pump 5

Product SKU: CR-29-2-00


Cream Pump Designs

Here is an example of what type of designs to expect. We have a range of vintage, classic, timeless, and modern dispensing units.


For even more ideas on dispensing cream pumps, please view the product range.

Main Photo by Valerie Elash.

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