Top 5 Foamer Pump Designs


A foamer pump, foam pump or squeeze foamer is a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid materials. The foam pump dispenses liquid from a plastic container in the form of liquid foam. The foam is produced by pressing down on the pump head which causes pressure inside the bottle. The pump forces the liquid through a special mechanism that produces the end result.

The foam pump is widely used in cosmetic and household products. These pumps are also designed to handle many different types of applications and uses. However, today we will be looking at the different styles of foamer pumps.

Foamer Pump Designs

Large Foamer Pump Design

This design is a large Foamer Pump with an overcap fitted to protect the contents and nozzle on the pump. The pump has been positioned on HDPE transparent bottle for perspective. The final pump has a non-locking mechanism and is available in the following neck sizes: 24/410, & 24/400. This type of design is extremely good for hand or foot sanitisers. You can also use this for antibacterial solutions, the dose of application is 0.25ml.

Foamer Pump With Clip Lock

A foamer pump with a Clip Lock installed into the neck. This is perfect for tamper-proof or child safety liquid applications. SKU: FP-11-6-00 is a dispensing pump with the following neck sizes: 40/410|43/415 and has a dosing capacity of 0.8ml.

Medium Sized Spout Foamer Pump

Introducing this lovely spout designed Foamer Pump with a protective overcap and supplies a dosage of 0.25ml. The product code is SKU: FP-10-15-40. The spout type finish has a luxury and distinctive finish making it perfect for hand soaps or creams. This pump also has a non-locking mechanism and comes with the following neck size: 40/400.

Foamer Bottle & Pump

A new foamer solution from Raepak for 2018; is this Foamer Pump with a measuring bottle. The pump has a Lock Down function and is perfect for many cosmetic and toiletry liquid solutions. The bottle has been designed to show the ML on the side, just in case you need to be more specific with quantities or measuring. This product can be found in the search function of the website using this SKU: FB-01-25-200.

Tall Foamer Pump

This foamer pump is a tall slimline design that works perfectly with slimmer bottle ranges. The Foamer Pump has an Overcap and a 0.25ml dosage capacity. This is a classic design within the Raepak foamer pump range. The product has the SKU: FP-13-5-24 and comes with the following neck size: 24/410 & 24/400.

All of the Foamer pumps in this article have colour matching options, which means if you supply a colour code, we can build the way you want. For more Foamer Pump Options just click here.

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