10 Modern Packaging Bottle Ideas


Do you need some inspiration for packaging bottles? As a supplier of recyclable bottles in four different materials (HDPE, PET, PCR & Biopolymer), we can give you hundreds of modern designs to enjoy. Our marketing team have selected ten bottle shapes to help give you an inspirational boost.

Clear Packaging Bottles

PET bottles have a transparent, glass effect finish. We can produce PET plastic from a biopolymer or PCR mix, which is fantastic for a reduction in carbon emissions. Furthermore, clear bottles such as PET are also fully recyclable and can be put back into the circular economy on a domestic and commercial scale. We have selected our top five modern PET bottles for your eyes only.

Rectangle Bottle

The Rectangular recyclable PET plastic bottle has a capacity of 250ml & 500ml. We have showcased this slick design with a silver-coloured disc cap. The PET material is transparent by default, but you can add colour to change the shade to your desired specifications. This rectangle bottle is perfect for a range of cosmetic and toiletry product solutions.

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The Ice Shower Gel Bottle

Shower Gel bottles can contain soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and body wash in the form of liquid gels, creams and lotions. We are showcasing the oval bottle shape with a classic white hook cap. These caps and bottles can be ‘coloured matched‘ to suit your brand.


The Continental Bottle

If you’re looking for a sophisticated look? We feel the Continental bottle offers everything you need to stand out from the crowd. Available with capacities of 75ml, 250ml, 300ml, 400ml & 500ml. You have plenty to choose from in our online sample bay. Don’t forget about colour options; we have showcased this curvy bottle in a few of our favourite colours.


Vogue Bottle

The Vogue bottle is a long-standing popular choice for many brands across the globe. The design will always have a modern edge as a toiletry packaging solution. Select from a range of capacities including 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 400ml & 500ml. You can even choose different cap options to offer a luxury, standard or eco finish. The Vogue bottle is slender, easy on the eyes and can be filled with a huge range of cosmetic liquids.


Spherical Bottle

Our Spherical bottle offers more than just curves; if you match the correct cap, you can create a state of luxury that wants to be picked up by all peering eyes. We offer this round ball of significance in 100ml, and it’s made of fully recyclable PET plastic that works with the circular economy.


Frosted And Solid Coloured Packaging Bottles

HDPE is available in solid or frosted colours. Many brands use this material to showcase their identity in the market with a prominent effect. The standard colours are white, frosted transparent or black. Importantly, HDPE can also be manufactured from PCR or Biopolymer and is fully recyclable. We have selected our top five modern HDPE bottles to showcase the range of designs on offer.

Pluto Bottle

Pluto is a beautiful oval bottle that is probably sitting on your sink at home. With a stylish lotion pump fitted, this bottle can be used as a soap dispensing bottle. Alternatively, you can add a disc top cap or a screw cap and create a product that supplements your brand offering. Pluto is available in 200ml, 250ml, 300ml & 400ml and can be made from Biopolymer, PCR or HDPE.


Contorto Bottle

The Contorto bottle is designed with straight, sharp edges and elongates outwards to produce broad shoulders. We think this bottle is highly modern and is a favourite with our brand partners and Account Managers. Available in 100ml, 200ml & 300ml with a choice of four neck sizes and three eco-friendly materials.


Tall Square Bottle

Tall square HDPE bottles are very clever and stylish. They are easy to transport, can be packed more efficiently and work great with a range of bottle caps and dispensing solutions. Tall square bottles are trendy in the commercial market sector and can be found in hotels, restaurants and hospitals.


Lazio Oval Bottle

The Lazio bottle has been designed with smooth, curved edges and feels soft in the hands. Once you add a lotion pump or cap, the bottle comes to life. If you need a shampoo or conditioner bottle? The Lazio may be the answer to the solution you need. Available in 100ml, 150ml, 200ml & 400ml with three neck size options.


Foamer Bottle

Foamer bottles have become a popular choice in the current marketplace. Hand sanitation, personnel hygiene, and the discovery of a new virus (covid-19) affecting the global population have launched all commercial and domestic businesses into buying products that offer a solution. Foamer bottles and pumps can make liquid soaps or sanitisation last much longer when compared to alternative dispensing pumps. Therefore, foamer bottles come with a distinctive advantage and help reduce the environmental impact for a – less plastic future. Available in 200ml, 250ml & 300ml.


Sustainable Packaging Solutions

As sustainable packaging options are on the rise, we have integrated many changes into our business model. We offer three variations of material throughout the manufacturing of HDPE and PET bottles.

  1. Standard HDPE & PET
  2. PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled)
  3. Biopolymer

All three variations are fully recyclable and fit into the circular economy for a plastic reduction future. As the new plastic tax is fast approaching, we recommend using Post-Consumer Recycled – HDPE and PET. In conclusion, these options will benefit the circular economy by using plastic waste more efficiently, lowering carbon immissions and keeping manufacturing costs lower.

If you would like more help with your HDPE and PET bottle selection? Please feel free to give us a call. We are ready to answer all your questions and can send out some free samples for you to test.

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