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pharmacy wholesale packaging solutions

As Berlin Packaging UK moves into the world of ‘pharmacy wholesale packaging’, we are looking to extend our range of products to help with the growing demands on the current market. Our Product Development Team have been sourcing snap click lids, dropper bottles and a new range of small bottles. Each new product will adhere to pharmacy-grade materials and ISO standards. This gives our customer base peace of mind and releases new or existing products back into the commercial or domestic marketplace.

Future Proof Range

After 6 months of market research, and putting together a product fact sheet and resource plan, our team wanted to offer something that pushes the current economy’s boundaries. Our mission statement for a new range of pharmacy products needed to be sustainable, economically viable and make brand owners trust our direction and partnership.


Mission Statement

Develop pharmaceutical grade product solutions – designed for the future.

Our checklist to make this possible.

  1. 100% recyclability Offering
  2. Sustainably sourced raw materials options (PCR, Biopolymer, Sustable Plastic Solutions )
  3. Hit all ISO standards
  4. Work with local businesses to help reduce logistical costs
  5. A potential stock offering for small and medium businesses launching into the market
  6. Large MOQ’s for established companies in the pharmaceutical and health industry.

Our current projections have put us on course to have additional product lines available in July 2021. Currently, we offer nasal spray options, tall bottles that work with nasal spray dispensing, dispensing sprays and oral spray pumps.

Market Diversity

Pharmaceutical containers are an industry necessary for products on a global scale. Attaining the correct grade of material in a restricted manufacturing environment also means we can branch out into areas such as;

  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Herbal Remedies & Supplements
  • Storing Tablets
  • Medicines
  • Syrups
  • Powders
  • Some Chemicals
  • Coconut Water & Coconut Oil
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Probiotics
  • A-Z List Of Health Products.

With each sector of the market breakdown, we can see the different containers and dispensing systems needed. Brands also need to consider child safety (locking caps), brail for people who have different levels of vision, legal certifications, label accountability, dosing, and instructions. Brands can take advantage of bottle shapes and dispensing solutions that have already been designed or seek something different for their offering.

pharmaceutical containers

Pharmaceutical dispensing is mainly formed using HDPE plastic, making them robust, chemical and moisture resistant, and a lightweight packaging solution.

For more information on our Pharmacy Wholesale Packaging solutions, please check out the brochure or view our online sample bay to order free samples. Alternatively, please get in contact with one of our friendly account managers waiting to take your call.

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