Non-Aerosol – Tubular Bottles

Discover the Non-Aerosol Tubular HDPE Bottle (30ml, 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 125ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml & 300ml). This item Non Stock product. These bottles are 100% recyclable. The minimum order quantity for this product is: 5000 – 10000.


Standard HDPE – 100% recyclable

PCR HDPE – Post-consumer resin – made with recycled plastic

Biopolymer HDPE – made from sugarcane waste.

All 3 options are 100% recyclable – please call for more details or you can order a sample.

Product Dimensions & SKU

5024 30ml 77mm x 29mm
6002 50ml 89mm x 33mm
6038 75ml 124mm x 33mm
6022 100ml 110mm x 41mm
5023 125ml 124mm x 43mm
6006 150ml 121mm x 48mm
6004 200ml 154mm x 48mm
5288 250ml 164mm x 51mm
5125 300ml 188mm x 51mm

Non-Aerosol – Tubular Bottles
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