Vinolok – Glass Bottle Stoppers

Vinolok is changing the way the world thinks about closures. More and more winemakers and spirits producers choose Vinolok over other types of closures.

Our range of glass bottle stoppers for spirit bottles offers a sophisticated and luxurious finish. Bespoke packaging options are also available.

Why Choose Vinolok?

  1. Absolutely no impact on aroma and flavour
  2. 100% recyclable, from natural materials
  3. Amazing customisation and design options
  4. Makes your brand or product unforgettable
  5. Stable conditions after bottling
  6. Easy opening and closing of the bottle.



The Vinolok Effect!



As Vinolok closures are manufactured with glass, the stoppers can be endlessly recyclable with no impact on quality. These beautiful bottle stoppers can be melted repeatedly and transformed into new closures or other glass products.

Moreover, glass is produced from natural materials and is fully recyclable without loss of quality. Is your brand environmentally conscious and wants to push sustainability ethics to the front? The Vinolok closures will give you the edge against marketing rivals.

Glass recycling directly impacts climate change and the use of recycled glass reduces carbon emissions and saves energy. Because Vinolok uses recycled glass, it melts at a lower temperature than raw materials which helps to conserve natural resources.

Vinolok – Glass Bottle Stoppers