The Combi ceramic bottle is a stylish stoneware container with beautiful curves. This bottle can be used for oils, wines, draft beers and much more. Choose from crown caps or swing top closures for this vintage bottle. Available with 330ml, 500ml & 750ml capacities.

Bespoke Bottle Options

As hybrid packaging experts, we can change the colour of the bottle, create a brand new bottle shape or produce a beautiful label to capture your target market for the perfect beverage.

Benefits Of Ceramic Bottles

  • All materials used are food-safe
  • The packaging material does not react with the filling material
  • Stoneware provides 100% light protection
  • All products have utmost dimension accuracy and strength and have been developed for automatic bottling plants
  • You can choose between different types of closures including cork, screw top, swing top or crown cap
  • There is a selection of different glazes for the outer design – (abrasion-resistant as well as alkali-resistant)
  • Identification can be done by labelling or direct printing.


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