Carton Erector / Packer Machines

Our range of carton packers and erectors is perfect for expanding your packaging production line. We offer several machine options that help with your logistics and help meet your output targets.

Case packers are perfect for cardboard to enable product transfer from the gripping surface toward the inside of the cardboard. To facilitate the insertion of the product into the carton, these machines contain a centring device that is inserted into the packaging box after the empty cartons have been entered. The case packers can be equipped with one or more gripping heads. The gripping heads can be with magnets, pliers, suction cups or with pneumatic bells.

QuickBox Options

New options for fast production.

STATS – Cartonig robot up to 4000 boxes/hour

  • QUICK BOX is the new generation of packaging machines from Berlin Packaging UK
  • Its main peculiarity is its modular architecture. The same machine can differ in the number of heads (from 1 to 6). Generally equipped with brushless motors, the QuickBox also comes in a low-cost version with asynchronous motors
  • With up to 20 cycles/minute QuickBox is one of the fastest packaging machines on the market.
  • It fits all kinds of products and has special grippers that are studied for customized solutions.

We have trained engineers who can talk you through the operations manual, set you up and instal the product. Get in touch today with one of our friendly Account Managers.

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