Topaz Gloss Multi Jar

The Topaz Multi Gloss recyclable jar is a Non-Stock item with a 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 150ml, 180ml & 225ml capacity and is made of PP plastic. The minimum order quantity for this product is: 10,000. The Topaz Multi Gloss finish jar comes in many different capacities which is perfect for cosmetics, toiletries, kitchen or bathroom products.

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H575/A 50ml 58mmx42mm
H670/A 75ml 65mmx44mm
H650/B 100ml 68mmx57mm
H790/B 150ml 86mmx43mm
H750/B 180ml 86mmx83mm
H760/B 225ml 86mmx110mm

Topaz Gloss Multi Jar
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