Acrylic Lotion Bottle – Square – Rage

The Acrylic Lotion Bottle – Double Wall – Square SKU: AB-22-14. This stunning square bottle is part of the Rage collection and comes complete with a matching jar. A very modern design with plenty of edge. This bottle is a Non-Stock Item and has a great range of capacities with a dosage of 0.23ml and a Screw Pump cap seal. The minimum order quantity for this product is: 5000

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AB-22-14-25 25ml 104mmx36mm
AB-22-14-40 40ml 122mmx36mm
AB-22-14-50 50ml 138mmx36mm
AB-22-14-70 70ml 155mmx36mm
AB-22-14-80 80ml 169mmx36mm
AB-22-14-100 100ml 172mmx36mm
AB-22-14-130 130ml 197mmx40mm

Acrylic Lotion - Double Wall Square 130ml
Acrylic Lotion Bottle – Square – Rage