250ml Boston Round Bottle With Dispensing Pump

Boston Round bottle with white and silver dispensing pump (250ml). The HDPE white option is a Stock product and can be colour matched as a non-stock item. These bottles are 100% recyclable. The minimum order quantity for the stock option is: 1 Box.

Bottle SKU: 6062/24/HW
Dispensing Pump SKU: LU24415/B/ST1SS


Bottle Material Only ⇓

Standard HDPE – 100% recyclable
PCR HDPE – Post-consumer resin – made with recycled plastic
Biopolymer HDPE – made from sugarcane waste.
All 3 options are 100% recyclable – please call for more details or you can order a sample.

Product Dimensions & SKU

Bottle: 6062/24/HW 250ml Height – 168mm Width – 140mm
Dispensing Pump: LU24415/B/ST1SS N/A Height – 50mm Width – 40mm

250ml Boston Round Bottle With Dispensing Pump
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