What Makes A Rum Brand Successful?


Annual rum sales in the United Kingdom topped £1 billion for the first time in 2018, with over 1 billion litres consumed.

Now appearing on every cocktail menu and every off-license shelf, rum is becoming exceedingly popular in the UK. As rum remains a favourite tipple for many, its position in the spirits league is here to stay. The growing demand for the rum market encourages and pushes new product launches year on year. This means that brand owners are perpetually looking for new ways to be innovative and original. More specifically, this increases the importance of choosing a bottle with a unique identity and a powerful and memorable design.

With over 50 years of unparalleled knowledge and experience in the glass bottling industry, put your trust in Berlin Packaging UK. Our Innovation Centres are dedicated to offering the latest and most suitable solutions to fulfil any of your food packaging needs, with customisation possibilities (decoration, engraving, embossing, printing or ad-hoc shapes). We pride ourselves on first-class quality procedures and control standards while providing technical assistance during the entire process.

What makes a gin brand successful? Check out some of our customer projects.

Razel’s Rum

Consumers are constantly wishing to experience the vast variety of flavours through rum beverages. As choice and competition increase in the rum market, brands are always looking for innovative new flavours to reinvent their range, and most importantly, grab consumers’ attention. Berlin Packaging UK has a wealth of experience in helping brands stand out in a competitive market.

This year, we were privileged to collaborate with Appartement 103 for Razel’s Rum Treats. Identifying the growing trend of flavoured rums in the industry, and after spotting a gap in the market for the lack of quality products offering sweet, flavoured rum, the brand embarked on its creation. The objective was clear: capture the unmistakable taste of famous American delicacies, such as peanut butter and choco brownie, combined with the elegance of the finest Caribbean rum.

The finished look? A showstopping customised Pacho bottle.

razels gin

Lost Years Rum

Lost Years Rum was born with a vision of creating exceptional rums devoted to saving endangered sea turtles. To produce this award-winning spirit, the company teamed up with artisan distillers from across the Caribbean and Latin America. The company raised enough money to save over 31,000 sea turtles in the first year alone.

The rum is beautifully bottled in our exquisite best-selling Belleville bottle, dressed up in Lost Years branding and finished with a JA cork stopper. Due to the rising popularity of miniature spirit bottles, Lost Years Rum jumped on this trend and, as a result, produced mini rum bottles in 5cl.


Kraken ‘Unknown Deep’ Limited Edition

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has launched the second limited-edition bottle in its ‘Unknown Deep’ collection. Once again, we were honoured to be given the privilege to help bring Proximo’s vision to life. The beguiling bottle is a true showstopper – dressed in its own distressed diving cage, with a deep blue pearlescent coating and embossed finish.

The Kraken will donate £1 to Padi Aware, a marine conservation charity with a mission to clear up ocean debris while reporting on the types, quantities and locations of the materials collected to inform future conservation efforts and research.


Cabal Rum

Last year, Berlin Packaging UK began working with Harpalion Spirits on their brand-new Cabal Rum project. Experimenting with the possibilities of rum, the brand explored the best liquid combinations to create something extraordinary. This delightful dark spirit is 100% natural, made with no added sugar and no artificial colouring. Last year, Berlin Packaging UK provided an exquisite package for the brand – a Bellville bottle dressed up in printed Cabal Rum labels, finished with a black wood top closure and bespoke printed tin capsule.



Last year, Halewood expanded on its Dead Man’s Fingers Rum portfolio with the addition of a new 1.75L format for the popular Spiced, Lime, Passionfruit, Raspberry, Pineapple and Mango flavours. Already a hugely popular format in the US, the 1.75L format uses 30% less glass versus a standard 70cl bottle. Less packaging means fewer trips to the retailer or deliveries by online businesses to the consumer.


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