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Why Purchase Wholesale Bottles?
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As a wholesaler and supplier of glass spirit bottles, we have refined the process of buying through our sixty years of experience in the glass bottle industry. The battle for many customers is choosing the right design, working with the best size and finding a closure that best suits the final product offering. With these variables in mind, Berlin Packaging UK has put together a guide for retailers, wholesalers, consumers and B2B buyers.

Why Purchase Wholesale Bottles?

If you’re looking for wholesale glass bottles as a start-up or medium to large business, you might be considering our top ten customer questions;

  1. I need glass bottles that can be purchased on demand.
  2. Do you offer stylish designs?
  3. Can I select different size bottles?
  4. We need help from a Dedicated Account Manager
  5. Do you deliver large orders or small orders?
  6. Can I still buy these bottles in the future?
  7. Are these glass bottles affordable?
  8. We need something bespoke
  9. Can you offer glass bottles for all liquor market sectors?
  10. Can we place future orders to match our requirements?

A wholesale purchase allows for the buying process to be speedy, reliable and projects peace of mind. If you place the order, we take care of everything else. While you wait for the delivery, more emphasis can be placed on your company marketing, customer service and filling required orders.

Wholesale Glass Bottles

Wholesale Glass Bottle Sizes

As a producer of fine spirit bottles, we offer several options when it comes to the bottle size. Because we understand the liquor market segments for brand owners, we offer the following variables;

  • 100ml
  • 200ml
  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 700ml
  • 720ml
  • 750ml

Depending on the market segment you wish to target, offering different sizes that can work with your liquor product is essential. You may have also considered the following avenues for re-selling;

Small Orders

Sometimes, you may need a few spirit bottles, rather than a pallet or large order value. With this problem in mind, we decided to create The Bottle Jar Store. This unique online portal allows consumers to purchase just 1 item. You can also discover a wide range of packaging solutions including;

  • Glass Jars
  • Glass Containers
  • Machinery
  • Oenological Products

Decanter Nausicaa 700ml Decanter Nausicaa 700ml


As our products are manufactured worldwide, then transported utilising dedicated and regular traffic flows from partnered production sites, we are confident meeting any customer requirements. Using our dedicated delivery vehicles as well as subcontractors and freight forwarders gives us access to distribution networks all over the UK and beyond.

Moreover, our highly focused and experienced logistics team manages all aspects of each delivery, whether for just one urgent carton or a full artic or container load. Our team can also manage stock holding and fulfil customer requirements whether utilising stock usage forecasts or short notice requests.

Bespoke Products

If you need a spirit bottle that has to be bespoke for your needs? Our Innovation Center offers unique and compelling packages, customisations, and services to provide complete support from the idea to reality. We work with clients from the first sketch to the final prototype. Here is a list of services that you can expect from a state of the art innovation centre;

Embossing / Engraving – Relief and engraving are forceful customisation tools that lend depth to a company’s logo, strengthen a message and engage the consumer in a strong relationship with the brand.

Screen printing at high temperatures with ceramic colour inks and low temperatures with organic or UV inks. Bruni Glass France offers a 1-colour ink screen-printing service.

Acid etching and satin-like varnishing, with or without shiny spots, are decorations that give the product a velvety feel.

Varnishing – There are various kinds of varnishing techniques available for glass – high coverage, metallic, clear or opaque – and choice will depend on the project.

Pad printing with UV inks – Pad printing uses an ink-soaked pad to transfer colour to the article, guaranteeing excellent adherence and high-quality standards even on irregular shapes.

Decal stickers – Decal printing is a technique that prints the decoration on special film that is then applied to the product and fired in an oven to merge perfectly with the surface of the glass.

Hot foil printing uses heat and pressure to imprint a highly recognisable, highly resistant metallic effect decoration onto the glass.

Laser finishing is a new-gen technology that guarantees speedy application and incredible versatility with precise results for every detail.

Sleeve label technology – This technology wraps the product in a plastic sleeve label. It is also suitable for particularly complex decorations and very efficient from a time and cost savings point of view.

Component assembly is a decoration entailing the application of plastic and metal accessories for a very spectacular 3D effect.

Small Orders For Glass Bottles

Customer Service

Our Account Managers can help you with a simple call through wholesale orders, bespoke products, or small quantity purchases. Our process includes;

  • Create a customer account
  • Provide all your important information
  • Work out the solution for your packaging needs
  • Set out a price plan
  • Send samples for testing
  • Work out the logistics
  • Repeat business opportunities as your company grows.

Supplying companies on a global scale can give us the edge in making sure all our customers are happy.

Wholesale Glass Containers

Supplying glass containers comes with the opportunity to enter several market segments. Our existing customers are always looking to expand, so we seek the opportunity to grow our capabilities and meet the demands pressed onto our current offering. As it stands, we now offer a range of products that fit under the glass container category;

Different types of bottles that can be manufactured

Offering a range of distinctive packaging is essential in this existing growing market sector. As the UK’s leading supplier of luxury bottles for glass containers, we offer expert guidance on getting your product in front of consumers.

If you would like to contact us for further information, or would you like to test some samples? Please give us a call today.

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