Wholesale Powder Dispensing Made Easy


The world of cosmetics is a compact, stylish market that demands a premium product range. It doesn’t matter about your target market; the final blush needs to be presentable and desirable. After all, thinking about your skin tone and projection of self-image makes the consumer buy the product.

Our marketing team at Berlin Packaging UK have recently condensed the powder dispensing range options. Why? Because we demand quality, design and functionality over mass the production of products that can be considered sub-standard. We recently tried and tested over 100 products and removed 75% of the final offering. Our new collection is beautiful, practical, cost-effective, and fits many product range offerings.

Dispensing Options

Having product options is essential to our catalogue of powder dispensers. Understanding our clients and the current market conditions, means we need to be adaptable and offer solutions that can fit into trends within the cosmetic industry. Our current collection of powder dispensing includes the following options:

  1. Brush or sponge types in natural and synthetic hair
  2. Jars with on/off switches
  3. Retractable brushes and locking caps
  4. Capacities run from 3.5 to 46 grams
  5. Minimum order quantities 24000.

Design And Decoration Options

With all our cosmetic packaging there is a vast myriad of designs and decoration options available. We have selected a few of our favourites.

Delicate Pillow

Delicate Pillow is a perfect little treat to powder the gentle curvature of every facial contour. The ‘Delicate Pillow’ is a unique offering for cosmetic powder dispensing solutions.


Moonraker has a modern, futuristic finish, especially, with the shiny, hot foil-silver finish. If you want to stand out in retail, our team will show you Moonraker.


If you’re looking for something a little slimmer, compact or carryable – for your cosmetic range? Let us introduce ‘Reflection’ as our travelling companion. This design can fit into a small purse or handbag and can be used on the go. Need a mirror? There’s one built into the lid, ready for any occasion.

If you would like some different ideas or a little help with your options? Please speak with a Berlin Packaging UK Account Manager to get the full picture.

You can also visit our ‘cosmetic range‘ to view our entire packaging range.

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