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In a market increasingly more crowded with products, our decoration service is essential for lending personality and originality to packaging projects.

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Our Studio One Eleven offers unique and compelling packages, customizations, and services to provide complete support from the idea to reality. We work with clients from the first sketch to the final prototype.

Create, innovate, amaze. The Berlin Packaging UK mission has always been to create projects on the cutting edge in terms of quality and aesthetics, exceeding standards and expectations. Packaging that transmits significant added value to the product it contains, thanks to exclusive, unique custom design. Highly recognisable creations, studied to enhance the brand and communicate emotion, exponentially increasing consumer engagement.


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Extensive Customisation

Embossing / Engraving
Relief and engraving are forceful customisation tools that lend depth to a company’s logo, strengthen a message and engage the consumer in a strong relationship with the brand.

Screen printing
Screen printing at high temperatures with ceramic colour inks and at low temperatures with organic or UV inks. Bruni Glass France offers a 1-colour ink screen-printing service.

Acid etching
Acid etching and satin-like varnishing, with or without shiny spots, are decorations that give the product a velvety feel.

There are various kinds of varnishing techniques available for glass – high coverage, metallic, clear or opaque – and choice will depend on the project.

Pad printing with UV inks
Pad printing uses an ink-soaked pad to transfer colour to the article, guaranteeing excellent adherence and high-quality standards even on irregular shapes.

Decal stickers
Decal printing is a technique that prints the decoration on special film that is then applied to the product and fired in an oven to merge perfectly with the surface of the glass.

Hot foil printing
Hot foil printing uses heat and pressure to imprint a highly recognisable, highly resistant metallic effect decoration onto the glass.

Laser finishing
Laser finishing is a new-gen technology that guarantees speedy application and great versatility with precise results for every detail.

Sleeve label technology
This technology wraps the product in a plastic sleeve label. It is also suitable for particularly complex decorations and very efficient from a of time and cost savings point of view.

Component assembly
Component assembly is a decoration entailing the application of plastic and metal accessories for a very spectacular 3D effect.

Classic Options

Colour Matching

Label Design

Braille Printing

Print Services

  • Comprehensive screen printing service with 1-3 pass options available*
  • Standard and ceramic inks available including flux, matt silver and gold effect printing
  • Additional services include foil and transfer
  • Other printing services available including foiling, transfer & emboss effect.

We are able to offer many bespoke services to personalise the closure for your brand

  • Spraying
  • Metallising
  • Screen printing
  • Embossing and debossing

Cap Moulding Service

We also offer a bespoke cap design / moulding service from established UK and overseas suppliers, for any nail polish, over cap or screw threaded cap that may be required for use on one of our bottles. This allows us to design and manufacture caps alongside any new or existing bottle to ensure seamless compatibility and a complete service against any bespoke requirements.

Product Options That Matter!

Your Brand is important to us. We have experts in product design, brand strategy, structural packaging, closures & graphics.


As Hybrid Packaging Experts we understand the full process of logo and graphics to the perfect color scheme. Our Visual Branding team creates and gets your packaging graphics ready for production. Whether it’s one SKU or a full product line, our team is ready to assist with all of your packaging needs.

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