40mm Biopolymer Tubes

Introducing our new Biopolymer flexible tubes. Perfect for cosmetic products including creams, lotions, gels, shampoo and other skincare products. SKU: TB-04B-45. The containers have a capacity of 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 125ml & 150ml. Different decoration options are also available and the MOQ starts at 5000.

recyclable-packagingThese extruded tubes are derived from sugarcane waste not from oil. They also have lower greenhouse gas emissions (upto 75%) and a reduced carbon footprint, this also makes them 100% recyclable.

TB-04B-45-50 50ml 40mmx85mm
TB-04B-45-75 75ml 40mmx98mm
TB-04B-45-100 100ml 40mmx119mm
TB-04B-45-125 120ml 40mmx140mm
TB-04B-45-150 150ml 40mmx161mm

D40 x H119 (100ml)
D40 x H140 (125ml)
D40 x H161 (150ml)
D40 x H85 (50ml)
D40 x H98 (75ml)
40mm Biopolymer Tubes
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