Acrylic Airless Bottle & Jar Combo

Introducing the combo bottle and jar dispensing system, an airless acrylic bottle and jar solution. SKU: AL-34-4 A perfect cosmetic dual product. The jar screws off the bottom of the bottle. This product works with a wide range of liquid applications, this can include toiletry, kitchen, domestic, commercial, cosmetic and cleaning products. The container has a capacity of 30ml bottle and 30ml jar or a 50ml bottle and a 30ml jar. and is a new innovation for 2019.

AL-34-4-30-30 30ml Bottle, 30g Jar 123mmx50mm
AL-34-4-50-30 50ml Bottle, 30g Jar 143mmx50mm

30ml Bottle, 30g Jar
50ml Bottle, 30g Jar
Acrylic Airless Bottle & Jar Combo