At Berlin Packaging UK, we understand that customers require a wide choice of cork options, which is why our range can be made to order or despatched from stock to suit a variety of wine styles & packaging requirements.

Whether you require a natural, technological or synthetic cork, our range of cork closures will provide the perfect solution for still or sparkling wines while always complimenting your bottle.


Natural cork, a renewable product from the cork oak tree, is fully recyclable. Natural cork is suitable for when bottlers wish to minimise their environmental impact, which could be vital to a brand’s ethos.

Diam & Mytik Diam closures help maintain sensorial purity and ensure consistency throughout the life of bottled wine.

Corks For Wine & Spirit Bottles


Synthetic closures offer predictable, consistent & reliable wine corks. Our synthetic corks come in varying diameters and lengths.

If you would like further information regarding our range of bottle corks, please fill in the form below or speak with one of our friendly Account Managers today!

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