The RAJA Top Guala

The Raja is a part of our Gourmet bottle collection. Complete with a Guala neck. Finished in UVAG. Available in two capacities – 250ml & 500ml.

Modern and vintage coexist in this style, combined with a refined and essential shape. An easy-to-use product, embellished with two large rings which, in addition to creating a distinctive shape, by simulating a metal tin, provide protection for the label or decoration throughout the life of the product. The name of this particular product comes from the cultivar of the same name, typical of central Italy, whose fruit produces an excellent quality oil.

Bespoke Bottle Options

As hybrid packaging experts, we can change the colour of the bottle, create a brand new bottle shape or produce a beautiful label to capture your target market for the perfect beverage.


Suitable Food & Cooking Oils

Oils are diverse and offer unique selling points for their buyers. They tend to come in and out of fashion based on various health trends. As Berlin Packaging UK offer a wide variety of gourmet glass bottles, we have listed a range of suitable products:

  • Vegetable Oils
  • Seed Oils
  • Fruit Oils
  • Grain Oils
  • Rice Oils
  • Peanut Oils
  • And many more.
The RAJA Top Guala


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