PP Airless Bottle – Overcast

Overcast – Multi-Size PP Airless – Round SKU: AL-06-11 This airless bottle with the fitted dispensing cap has several capacities and has a dosage of 1.25ml and is made from PP plastic. The minimum order quantity for this product is: 10000

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AL-06-11-200 200ml 45mmx217mm
AL-06-11-150 150ml 45mmx182mm
AL-06-11-135 135ml 45mmx165mm
AL-06-11-120 120ml 45mmx150mm
AL-59-2-100 100ml 45mmx138mm
AL-59-2-80 80ml 45mmx121mm
AL-59-2-50 50ml 45mmx99mm
AL-59-2-30 30ml 45mmx82mm

PP Airless Bottle – Overcast
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