PETG Jar – Round – Copious

The PETG Jar – Round with Aluminium Lid SKU: AJ-19-14. The perfect jar to fit a huge selection of capacities. This luxury jar comes complete with an Aluminium lid for a really spectacular finish. A Non-Stock Item, the minimum order quantity for this product is: 10000

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AJ-19-14-5 5ml 27mmx36mm
AJ-19-14-10 10ml 30mmx42mm
AJ-19-14-15 15ml 32mmx44mm
AJ-19-14-20 20ml 37mmx44mm
AJ-19-14-30 30ml 38mmx51mm
AJ-19-14-40 40ml 45mmx57mm
AJ-19-14-50 50ml 45mmx57mm
AJ-19-14-60 60ml 48mmx61mm
AJ-19-14-100 100ml 50mmx75mm
AJ-19-14-150 150ml 50mmx88mm
AJ-19-14-200 200ml 62mmx88mm
AJ-19-14-240 240ml 73mmx88mm
AJ-19-14-300 300ml 76mmx94mm
AJ-19-14-350 350ml 83mmx94mm

PETG Jar – Round – Copious
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