The Complete Guide To Plastic Product Effects


Having ‘options’ for a final product can give you the desired professional finish you need. Targeting different market segments can affect the final look, feel and design. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the product effects you can have on plastic packaging.

Iridescent Inks

The Iridescent Ink effect gives off a two-tone colour finish. Once the light hits the bottle from different angles, it can look dark and light, appearing although it has a two-colour spectrum. A popular choice for shampoo and conditioner products. Iridescent inks can be silked screen printed onto the surface of the product area.

Iridescent Ink Product Effect

Super High Gloss

The process for a ‘super high gloss’ finish is completed in the manufacturing process when creating HDPE products. The high shine effect has a luxury finish. A popular product effect for many different cosmetics and household products.

Super High Gloss Effect


The Visistrip is a modern way of showing you, how much of the contents is left in the bottle. By choice, it can be used as part of the product design. You will see these incorporated into household cleaning products, automotive, nutritional or heath & fitness market sectors.

Visistripe Product Effect

Trans Coloured Pet

A translucent bottle doesn’t have to be plain. You can inject a hint of colour in the manufacturing process to get some really beautiful results. Alternatively, you can put the colour into the liquid product and use a plain container, enhancing the colour of the liquid to shine through.

trans coloured pet
Trans Coloured Pet Effect

Trans Frosted Pet

The trans frosted effect looks rather much like a bathroom frosted window. It has a hazy finish which can look really nice, depending on what the contents its. This type of effect is used for creams and cosmetic lotions. If used with the correct contents, it can look very eye catching.

Trans Frosted Pet Effect with Coloured Liquid

Hi Gloss

The high gloss effect is a slightly softer finish when compared to the super high gloss finish. Light doesn’t bounce off so bright. Many cleaning products tend to go for this finish.

hi gloss product effect
Hi Gloss Product Effect

Pearlescent Pigments

Pearlescent pigments have a high refractive index offering up a beautiful pearl finish. The effect is designed to look like a stunning ocean pearl. This product effect is desirable on body and face creams or serums.

pearlescent pigment product effect
Pearlescent Pigment Product Effect

Frosted PVC

If you want a hard frosted effect. Frosted PVC really does give off a stylish finish. It’s a harder finish when compared to Trans frosted Pet as you can feel the difference in texture. These types of bottle finishes are very popular with nutritional and pharmaceutical products.

frosted pvc product effect
Frosted PVC Product Effect

CO-EX Soft Touch

If you want a soft rubbery, textured finish to your product. CO-EX Soft touch might be what the answer. It feels soft to touch and works well with textured lettering. This product effect is normally used on premium products such as water bottles or some cleaning agents.

co-ex-soft-touch product effect
CO EX Soft Touch Product Effect


Thermochronic is a tech material that changes with temperature. These materials have made it into the household with children’s bath products or baby bottles. If the water is hot the colour of the plastic will change. A great safety feature for a particular product range.

thermochromic plastic bottles
Thermochromic Plastic Effect

Co-Ex Glass Polymer

CO-EX Glass Polymer is a co-extrusion blow moulding process that uses a PCTG outer layer with a PP inner layer. This procces gives it a clear glass appearance. This plastic effect can look very attractive and will show the contents off well. This product effect is used for drinking bottles and other numerous product ranges.

CO-EX Glass Polymer With Filled Contents

Foil Blocked Caps

Foil blocked caps is a great way to add colour and design into a standard cap. The finished result has a luxurious feel. It can give the final product a real quality edge when compared to the competition. Foil blocking is normally used for body lotions, hand creams or serums. You can also have different coloured foil caps, popular colours include gold, silver, rose and platinum.

foil blocked caps
Foil Blocked Cap Effect

Acid Etched Effect

The acid-etched effect is used to apply logos, flowers, spirals or other designs to a clear plastic bottle. The end result is an acid glass effect which is normally used on doors or windows. Many customers choose this type of finish for products used in all different types of market sectors.

Acid Etched Effect

Metalic Finish

The classic metallic finish gives the final container a soft metallic sheen. You can choose different colour variations to get the desired look you need. This is a modern finish for many automotive and cleaning products.

metallic finish effect
Metallic finish effect

PCR Bottle

PCR Bottles come in different variances of thickness. The tolerance is between 25-100% PCR, which will have different weights and rigidness. These can be used for a number of product applications.

PRC bottle effect
PRC bottle effect

Silk Effect Decoration

Using silk screening or dry offset printing, the silk screening effect is achieved with layers of print to give the desired results. This can be used for logos, flowers, patterns or anything else you might have in mind. Many products use this technique to gain a premium finish.

silk effect decoration
Silk Effect Decoration

Gloss Lacquer

Using gloss lacquer as a product effect works the same as silk screen printing. The finish results in a very high gloss finish. This can have a premium outlook and gives containers an edge when compared to similar product types.

gloss lacquer finish
Gloss Lacquer Finish

High Build Varnish

The high build varnish option is used to give patterns, logo’s or other design that distinctive embossed finish. This means the final design is lifted off the product to give a premium look and finish.

high build varnish
High Build Varnish

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