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Following on from our recent article regarding 72 mascara brushes to consider. We decided to throw a few exciting mascara wands and brushes together. The mascara wand connects the container to the brush, which is designed to fit the final mascara capsule.

However, it doesn’t stop there. As well as many different brushes available we can also offer colour matching options. This can really work with your brand, colour scheme ideas or graphic/logo combinations. Defining the perfect eyelashes can be an art, so we want you to be able to offer the best possible packaging available. We offer some fantastic benefits with each manufactured design:

  1. Seamless containers with no fraying or poor joints
  2. Easy to hold and use designs
  3. Small and large containers, depending on the style that defines your brand
  4. Decoration options available on all capsules
  5. Choose from 72 professional brushes/wands
  6. Choose from modern, classic, timeless and vintage designs
  7. We offer a range of double functioning wands that will hold two different brushes.

Trending Lashes

Lashes are always trending in the world of beauty, especially, when they are twisted in lashings of intensified gorgeousness. And that’s why we create and offer a range of solutions that not only work but trend with ambience and sophistication. Handbags around the world are filled with the designs we work so hard to create every year. Your brand logo gives each mascara capsule: significance, clarification, attitude and a gravitational pull on influence. Will your creation impresses the crowd, be left on the shelves or get lost and forgotten at the bottom of a purse?

Shape the existence of your makeup, and give rise to something new and exciting. Define your audience and instigate the influencers into making a choice that’s yours.

So, to get you in the mood for mascara brushes, mascara containers, mascara wands, and generally fab mascara packaging options. We have put the following samples here for you to check out.

VIP Mascara Wand & Brush

We have metalised the wand holder (cap) and added a selection of beautiful colours to choose from. This VIP effect wand is a sparkler of a mascara. The SKU for this product is MC-07-16.

Goddess Lashes

A block wand holder allows for a good grip for perfect application. We have also used a metal finish for this design and changed the colours to give you a better idea. Product SKU: MC-28-16.
mascara brush

Tenebrous Sword

One of our favourites is this sword design mascara wand. Perfect for glamour and style. It is very nice to hold and use which is surprising with it’s added curvature. Product SKU: MC-10-16.

Club Zone

A very curvy, chic and modern mascara wand. We decided to call this little stunner ‘Club Zone’ Because it looks like a top night spot where everyone is having a good time. Product SKU: MC-02-16.

The Architect

Two brushes in one mascara container. This wand has a double wow factor. One brush can be used as the applicator while the second helps with curling and stops clogged up lashes. Product SKU: MC-50-16.

Extraordinary Volume

Another one of our favourites has to be this little cutie ‘Extraordinary Volume’ designed to be compact but packs a huge brush for extra volume control. Product SKU: MC-03-16.

We offer a trendy selection of mascara brushes, wands, and containers waiting to be discovered. For even more please view here.

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