Lantic Gin, Inspired By Wild Botanicals Foraged From The Beautiful Cornish Coastline

Glass gin bottle with label in Cornwall on rocks

Lantic Gin is inspired by the coastal vitality of Cornwall and the native botanicals surrounding the distillery.

It all began in 2018, after years of study and experimentation, the owner, Alex was ready to take the leap – and he had the vision to guide him.

He wanted to make a gin that was quite different from any other Cornish Gin, one that was not only made in Cornwall but also inspired by my surroundings, that utilised the wild flora and fauna of Cornwall.

By exploring the wilder side of gin by making seasonal spirits from locally foraged botanicals and pure Cornish spring water.

The journey began in a Cornish barn with a traditional two-litre copper still, an open mind, and a self-taught process – Alex learned distilling by simply doing it. The idea was to craft a gin that moved away from the traditional gins and capture the seasonal scents and seaside character of Cornwall.

After some thought and time, Alex bought yet another inspiration/concept together to create a new look which he produced, and with the help of Benjamin Carr (Alex’s External Designer) he was able to integrate the bottle design using his design skills and knowledge of what was possible.

The Lantic Gin team decided to update its branding and design, collaborating with Craft Gin Club to launch a new look. Drawing on its in-depth understanding of the gin market, Craft Gin Club was able to provide unique consumer insights and expert guidance throughout the process to support the overall re-brand.

Label of a gin bottle striped embossed detail of Cornish coastal path
Craft Gin Club Image: Glass Gin Bottle With Label Design

Each batch is handcrafted with passion and care to capture the seasonal scents and seaside characters of which Alex knows all too well.

They had decided to launch these charming bottles, and after many discussions with various suppliers, the reason why Lantic Gin ultimately whittled it down and decided upon Berlin Packaging UK was the desirable lead times, and our technical laboratories were able to complete the intricacy of the bottle design.

Alex had a vision and many other suppliers were struggling to bring the concept to life in the way that he had visioned. Michal (Business Sector Director – UK, Food & Beverage) and Ian (NPD – Glass Specialist) at Berlin Packaging UK helped massively with the process and the technical difficulties that were faced in the beginning.

This Lantic Gin project Included our technical expertise in –

  • Glass manufacturing, we guided the customer through the extensive design stages to ensure the design was manufacturable.
  • We utilised the Innovation Centre and Studio 111 to finalise the design, we worked in conjunction with Lantic’s own designer.
  • We offered the full solution in terms of glass, stopper, and capsule

Overcoming a few obstacles along the way. One of which was the fill line. Alex, the owner, felt like the product should be filled on the neck and Ian our in-house glass specialist was able to assist Alex with insights into the process and advise him on the technicalities as to why this was not possible for this project.

Overall, our in-house designers bought the vision to life.

The aim of the bespoke bottles was to represent the surrounding area and rugged coastline of the South-West. The striking embossed waves and ripples on the glass bottle are reminiscent of the crystal clear waters of Cornwall, and we were able to finish the bottle design to the highest standard.

Alex is delighted with the outcome of the bottles and believes that the main objective was achieved and more so as they continue to hear positive feedback on the bespoke bottle and this has dramatically increased since the new product launch.


Half picture of Lantic Gin bottle with embossed detail
Craft Gin Club Image: Blue And White Striped Label On Embossed Lantic Gin Bottle

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  1. Roderick Lawrie says:

    Hi, I am looking for a spirit bottle that looks like an ice cube. I like your glass stopper and feel this could work well with an ice bottle. I am currently looking for a small run to raise investment. Can you help?

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