21 Trending Applications For Plastic Jars


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21 Cosmetic Applications For Plastic Jars
Double Wall Jar
Single Wall Jar
Acrylic Jars
Premium Jars
Plastic Twsit Seal & Lever Jars
Stackable Jars
Flip Top Jars
Small Jars
Discintive Jars
Stock Jars For Wholesalers
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Plastic jars have become handy containers for different market sectors across the packaging industry. The plastic, glass or acrylic jar can be used for pretty much anything. The only thing stopping us from creating a novel item or perhaps a storage capsule is our own imagination. Berlin Packaging | Raepak offers a huge selection of cosmetic and premium jars to suit most market segments. So, what if we compiled a list together to see what jars can actually do?

21 Cosmetic Applications For Plastic Jars

  1. Hair Jel
  2. Hair Nourishing Cream
  3. Lip Balm
  4. Eye Serum
  5. Body Creams
  6. Body Lotions
  7. Body Oils
  8. Face Creams
  9. Face Cleansers
  10. Face Packs
  11. Sweet Jars
  12. Jam Jars
  13. Crafts
  14. Herbs
  15. Foot Creams
  16. Cosmetic Jars
  17. Kilner Food Starage
  18. Heavy Storage
  19. Light and Small Storage
  20. Garden Plant Holders
  21. LED Light Decoration.

Did we miss anything? Probably, but that’s the nature of a jar container. You can use it for hundreds of applications and storage solutions. Choosing a jar container can be fun, especially if you have several options to choose.

Jar options can seem a little overwhelming at first glimpse. With this in mind, we decided to compile an introductory jar guide.

Double Wall Jar

Double-wall jars have an outer and inner layer. The contents are put into the inner layer while the outer layer protects the product inside. Double-wall jars can also help with product temperature, hygiene and provide an extra layer of protection.

Double Wall Jar

Single Wall Jar

The single wall jar is very popular in many market sectors. These jars are easier to manufacture and have a lower price point. In fact, these jars are so popular that you only have to walk into your nearest supermarket to find shelves packed with brands using these jars. The single wall jar is also the easiest to recycle. You will also find jars in these shapes;

  • Square Plastic Jars
  • Oval Plastic Jars
  • Plastic PET Jars – (round)
  • Triangular Jars
  • Bespoke designed Jars.

Single Wall Jar

Acrylic Jars

The luxury acrylic option is the most expensive jar option to manufacture. They are heavy, strong and can be produced to look very stylish. Many top brands will use these jars to emphasise the quality of the product. Acrylic jars are normally used with matching lotion bottles, enabling product ranges to branch out into body lotions, creams or serums.

Acrylic Jar

Premium Jars

Premium jars can fall into the acrylic, single or double wall categories. Premium defines the quality of the jar through the manufacturing process. This can encompass the weight, thickness, design and material used. A premium jar will also come complete with a shive to keep the contents fresh.

Premium Jar

Plastic Twsit Seal & Lever Jars

Plastic twist lock jars are cheaper to produce and have the same benefits as a glass Kilner jar. The plastic jars come with a few advantageous variables:

  1. Cheaper to manufacture
  2. Lighter in weight
  3. Cheaper to distribute
  4. Recyclable
  5. Optional sizes available
  6. Excellent storage capacity
  7. Higher return on profit margins.


Stackable Jars

The stackable jar has recently become popular due to its diversity and marketing capabilities. A simple manufacturing step allows for the lid to sit on the base, enabling a stackable feature.

Stacking Jar

Flip Top Jars

Some jars also come complete with a flip-top lid. This means the jar lid can snap ‘off’ and ‘on’ without screwing or pulling off the lid altogether. These are great storage alternatives and are popular with confectionary, crafts and many other industry sectors.

Flip top Lid Jars

Small Jars

Jars can be manufactured with small capacities of up to 5ml. These are great for lip balms, expensive serums or creams. These jars are tiny but can be designed in different colour options or even look like glass.


Distinctive Jars

Jars can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whatever shape you can imagine can be manufactured. Although the more complex the shape, the higher the cost implications for manufacturing. Some popular shapes include squares, oval, orbital or half-moon.


Stock Jars For Wholesalers

As a packaging provider for retailers, brands and wholesalers, we offer a solid collection of jars that can be purchased today! Our jars come in a range of sizes, styles and designs. Our colour code is ‘brilliant white’ for all our stock jars as this makes it’s easier for a wide range of brands to add labels and product information.

plastic jars

A Little Extra Help

Would you like a discussion on the buying process, price points, delivery or anything else? We have friendly Account Managers waiting to take your call. As we specialise in hybrid packaging, we will understand your needs and help with other product ranges you have in mind.

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