Burst Into The Home Fragrance Market With Our Range Of Luxury Diffusers


The home fragrance market is worth a staggering USD 22.89 billion (2019) and is projected to reach USD 27.63 billion by 2027. Consumers seek desirable fragrant solutions that fill their homes with ambience and sophistication. As the market grows over the coming years and brands explore home scented solutions, we at Berlin Packaging UK have introduced a luxury range of glass diffusers.

Today, more than ever, room diffusers combine a functional appearance with a specific aesthetic for communicational needs. For example, the demand to create a warm feeling through the power of scent! Is pushing across the commercial and domestic marketing channels.

Where Can Diffusers Be Placed?

As a brand owner or wholesaler looking to enter the fragrance market, you may want to know where diffusers can be placed? If you think about a room as a sensual fragrance! You can place a diffuser anywhere on a solid platform, offering character, warmth and refined elegance.

Here are our top eight suggestions;

  1. Anywhere around the domestic home
  2. The garden picnic bench
  3. Summerhouse
  4. The office
  5. Reception
  6. The work/home studio
  7. Shop floor
  8. Conference room


What Types Of Scent Can Be Used?

Anytype of fragrance can be created for oils or candle wax. A scent producer will have a huge stock range of options to choose from. Moreover, you could create something bespoke and develop the next fabulous trend.

Classic Fragrance Ideas

  • Floral fragrance oils
  • Fresh fragrance oils
  • Fruity fragrance oils
  • Seasonal fragrance oils
  • Spicy & woody fragrance oils
  • Sweet fragrance oils.

Trending Fragrance Ideas

  • Oak Whiskey
  • Warm Oat Bread
  • Seafront Beach
  • Sweet Cocktail Party
  • Fresh Lime
  • Bonzi Forest.


The perfect scent in a room can also improve sanitation, help eliminate odours and purify the air. Additionally, soft smelling fragrances can support and relieve stress, insomnia, headaches and promote a pleasant mood.

Home Fragrance Expansion

As the home fragrance market expands with new and exciting packaging ideas, gifts, presents, sets and cross-pollination into other markets. Here are a few of our favourite packaging solutions;

  • Fragrance hampers – bottle, rattan sticks, collar and scents included
  • Skincare gift sets with home diffuser pack
  • Special occasion gift sets
  • Luxury accessory
  • Household essentials with refills for future purchases
  • Outdoor garden element
  • Commercial office intelligence – set the mood and scene for authority and buying power.


How to Use?

Diffusers are actually easy to use and can be refilled with new oils. As the container is made with premium glass, the consumer can wash the contents and replace with brand new oil. The rattan sticks can also be replaced making these products highly sustainable.

4 Simple Steps

  1. Open the fragrance oil glass bottle
  2. Fill the fragrance oil into the container
  3. Screw the collar onto the container lip
  4. Place the rattan sticks into the glass container.

Fragrance Collections

At Berlin Packaging UK, we offer two unique collections of fragrance bottles packed with stylish designs, finesse and refinement. Once you select the bottle design, we have a wide range of beautiful collars that work with each glass container.

The Essential Range

Today, more than ever, room diffusers combine a functional appearance with specific aesthetic and communication needs. As a result, the value of packaging has become a fundamental and strategic element in brand recognition. We have responded to these changes by increasing its range two-fold. The Fragrance Collection comprises a distinctive assortment of unique designs and original shapes while featuring popular and traditional designs.

essential diffuser collection

The Bloom Range

The bloom collection is a new season of design, offering a renewal of shape with hints of springtime packaging for the home fragrance sector. The Bloom range renews the great classics and the most traditional lines on the market, allowing them to blossom with natural aesthetics and evolution. This transformation intends to set a new paradigm for the entire world of room fragrances.


Wholesale & Brand Orders

Would you like some help with a few samples? Please discover our range of home fragrance packaging, which is designed for Reed diffusers, room sprays, candles and oils by following this link to view our brochures. Maybe you would like to talk? Please give one of our friendly Account Managers a call today +44 (0)1473 823 011.

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