5 Gourmet Olive Oil Bottles To Appease Your Appetite


Are you looking to revamp your gourmet food packaging? Or perhaps you are ready to begin a new brand journey? Then look no further than Berlin Packaging UK!

The modern gourmet food market has recently skyrocketed due to consumption changes in Europe. More specifically, the olive oil market has seen an uplift due to the popularity of the Mediterranean diet. And now more than ever, people are looking for healthier alternative cooking oils. Olive oil is a wonderful treasure – a truly multi-purpose product! It is essential for any kitchen – perfect as a salad dressing with feta cheese and can even be found in many trending hairstyling and skincare products!

Innovation, Style and Design

At Berlin Packaging UK, we specialise in an exquisite range of bottles for olive oils, ones that showcase a combination of innovation, style and design. We have something for every brand with a vast range of olive oil stock bottles for you to choose from. So why not take your product to the next level and create a bespoke package with Berlin Packaging UK? We will ensure that your bottle looks as good as the product tastes. The beautiful packaging solutions for this widely used condiment are a testament to its importance. At Berlin Packaging UK, we understand that your customer’s journey begins with the bottle.

Moreover, our Innovation Centres are dedicated to offering the latest and most suitable solutions to fulfil any of your food packaging needs, such as any customisation (decoration, engraving, embossing, printing or ad-hoc shapes). We pride ourselves on first-class quality procedures and control standards while providing technical assistance during the entire process.

Add A Twist Of Gourmet

Our range of beguiling glass bottles promotes great options for packaging various gourmet food products. With different cap options, from plastic to metal, we can ensure that you will find the best cap to complement your product. As well as olive oils, these bottles could also be used to package balsamic vinegar, marinade, salad dressing and many more food products! In addition, we will ensure that your finished design will be the most alluring bottle on any supermarket shelf.


Discover Our 5 Top Gourmet Olive Oil Bottles

1. The Elica bottle

Elica is unique, sophisticated and elegant – the winner of the Bruni Glass Design Awards and is simply magnificent. You can purchase it as a stock bottle or dress it up in your branding for a mesmerising finished look.


2. Elegance Glass Bottle

A classy green or white bottle is very slender with a rounded shoulder and short neck. Ideal for your unique creations. Perfect for storing olive oil or even ports and liqueurs. And for an extra flourish, the look can be accompanied by a beautiful cork finish.


3. Primula 500ml

The Primula bottle shape is a unique, beautiful cylindrical round bottle – perfect for preserving the most refined olive oil. We recommend choosing the colour antique green to complement your product perfectly.


4. Marasca 250/500ml

Our classic Marasca bottle. The perfect choice for homemade condiments, dips and oils. High quality and eye-catching, this is one of our top-rated customer products.


5. Dorica 250ml

Package your gourmet product in the elegant and meticulously crafted Dorica bottle. Our Dorica bottle is a typical glass bottle for edible oils such as:

  • Olive oil
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Linseed oil
  • Nut oil.

The Dorica is also perfect for vinegar bottles such as balsamic vinegar, fruit vinegar and brandy vinegar. We recommend choosing the bottle in the colour antique green for your finished product.


Supporting Global Communities

Needing a little inspiration? Check out our project with MAKNOON – OLIVE OIL – Trending Dubai. Every purchase of this ethically and sustainably produced superb olive oil supports the farmers, their families, and communities, helping to preserve the industry for the next generation.


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