Chapter 7 – Enhance Their Anthology Of Whisky


Chapter 7 grabs the limelight in the world of Scotch whisky with their new Vinolok glass bottle stopper. The elegance and shape of the glass closure offers a luxury finish and enriches the beautiful Nocturne bottle.

Chapter 7 is an Independent Bottler. They don’t make whisky; they discover it. As experienced spirit producers, they use exceptional casks that mature the extraordinary taste of fine whisky. Chapter 7 also offer an anthology of whisky beverages, and each measure tells a unique story. You can taste the distillery, feel the maturity and experience the warmth of Scotland through your veins.


As an empowering brand from the highlands, Chapter 7 states: “A cask of whisky is a living, breathing, thing. Air moves in and out of the cask. The whisky’s flavour evolves and changes as it matures in the oak. Ageing builds character. And we find the best characters to bottle”.

A Sustainable Edge

Berlin Packaging UK provided the Chapter 7 Whisky brand with an opulent Vinolok stopper and spirit bottle. The glass stopper is fully recyclable and made from natural materials with exciting benefits:

  • Absolutely no impact on aroma and flavour
  • Fully recyclable, from natural materials
  • Amazing customisation and design options
  • Makes your brand or product unforgettable
  • Stable conditions after bottling
  • Easy opening and closing of the bottle.

The Vinolok glass bottle stoppers encapsulate sustainability as one of its main features while enhancing the beauty of glass packaging. The design of the Nocturne bottle and new glass closure has a memorable finish, especially with its high-quality pure glass.


A New Journey Awaits

Would you like to redesign your spirit bottle stopper or enhance the overall look of your beverage offering? As hybrid packaging experts, we would love to help you with your next packaging journey and get your product to market.

We have a design team, Account Managers and technical experts on hand ready to take your call!

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