Compacts That Will Make You Blush


When entering into the world of compacts; you need to keep firing words out, such as highlight, powder, defining, brush, blush, shades, sculpting or shaping. Not only do these help with designing the perfect compact case, but they also help you understand why and how these containers are a ‘must have!’ for any makeup artist or enthusiast.

Different products have specified needs to contend with. It might be the perfect powder, makeup shade or innovative liquid dispensing case that drives the architecture forward. The end game is to produce something iconic or distinctive that is a pleasure to use.

With this in mind, we have put together some of our top compact cases.

The Multi-Tasker

A perfect case for different applications. This compact case comes complete with several different pan insert options. Can you mix and match or offer all the pan inserts as a full makeup studio?



Own It

Own it! A compact case ideal for multiple shades of makeup solutions. You can even add your own applicator. It looks stylish and sophisticated; all while offering a solution for cosmetic powders.



If you need a solution for pressed powders or a single shade of makeup. The talent case is superb. A simple yet classic design takes away unnecessary effort in sourcing something that doesn’t work.

talent-compact case


Ardour can be manufactured to be a metal or plastic case. An impeccable model for luxury makeup brands. This compact is also available in a range of beautiful colours and will give your product the “comment t’appelleS-tu” you are looking for.


Iconic Gem

The iconic single gemstone compact container is packed with style and luxury. A superb makeup accessory for any professional studio. The gemstone on the clasp offers a small detail that adds a little more quality to the compact.


If you have a compact idea in mind or need the perfect container for next year’s launch? Why not get in touch and discover what makes Berlin Packaging UK number one.

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