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If you’re new to the world of packaging and need a little help with matching dispensing pumps to bottles? Our ‘Complete Stock Packs‘ has been produced for you. We have combined disc caps, spray pumps, lotion pumps and cap closures with a range of stylish bottle shapes.

The introduction of this new section has been carefully put together to offer the following benefits:

  • You get to see the final product before ordering the samples
  • Ordering the product can save you time on sifting through all the different fixture variables
  • We hope our product matching ideas give you inspiration for a new product range
  • Our stock packs can be ordered today!
  • Samples and order requests can be dispatched within 24h – Monday to Friday.

What Can You Use These Products For?

As Raepak is a hybrid packaging supplier, we specialise in a number of market segments. Our aim is to offer packaging solutions that can be crossed pollinated to grow your brand ideas. The Complete Stock Packs cover the following areas:

  • Toiletry
  • Kitchen
  • Cosmetic
  • Cleaning
  • Hygiene

If you have a liquid solution that covers these areas, we can help with our stock packs and get samples delivered to you within 24hours. Once you have tested the liquid solutions with our product offering, we can send boxes of bottles, pumps or caps directly to your outlet.

Luxury Stock Packaging

Our Product Marketing Team have selected a few luxury examples from the stock packs. We have included aluminium sheaths with black & white pumps and discs.




Classic Stock Packaging

We have also included classic white and black caps with stylish dispensing options as part of our range. These product items demand a soft but clean feel.




Miniature Stock Packaging

As the current world adapts to sustainability, re-usable packaging, the recyclable economy and adaptations for cleaner packaging, we have put together small bottles with dispensing caps that pack a stable punch.




Sustainability In Mind

All of the bottles chosen to work with the Complete Packs can be selected in three different materials. These include; Biopolymer, HDPE and PET. All of these materials are fully recyclable and fit into the circular economy.

View The Full Range Today

If you would some help with different product options and alternative possibilities? Please get in touch with our Account Managers today!

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