Discover The Elegance Of The Intinera Wine Bottle Collection


As a wine bottle designer and glass bottle manufacturing company, Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass have launched a new collection of eight bottles that combines iconic shapes with innovative lines. Our design team like to satisfy all the needs of the current market trends and have worked with some of the most contemporary wine brands across the world.

The name of the new collection reflects the very idea of a journey to discover Italian excellence which is essential for our economy. In the same way, the bottles have names that recall the ancient Roman roads that played an important role in the evolution of wine, conveying all the emotion of an eternal thousand-year-old tradition.


Itinera features 8 bottles, split between the Selection and Experience glass bottle wine collections. The bottles from the Selection range are characterised by a design with strongly distinctive details that bestow exclusivity on the product. The following models are featured:

Cassia Wine Bottle

Cassia: with simple, clean lines that give life to a naturally elegant shape, Cassia recaptures the concept of the Bordeaux high shoulder, designing a statuesque silhouette perfect for pairing with prestigious wine of greater character.


Flaminia: this reinterpretation of the Borgognotta shape presents an elongated neck completed by a minimalist neck sticker. Tight and confident lines define the ideal packaging for a wine that wishes to stand out.

Aquitania Wine Bottle

Aquitania: Inspired by the classic champagne bottle, Aquitania reinterprets its proportions and details with clear references to tradition. The heavyweight makes the colour of the glass even deeper and more precious. Guaranteed for secondary fermentation in the bottle, it is ideal for prestigious champagne, sparkling and vintage wine.

Aemilia Wine Bottle

Aemilia: is an excellent option for those in search of an unconventional design: the slender and unprecedented shape is designed to surprise. The glass weight, lighter than the other bottles in the line, enhances the reflections of the contents and makes its extra-flint version ideal for rosé wine.


The bottles from the Experience range combine the functionality of traditional models with modern trends in the wine market. The models presented include:

Appia Wine Bottle

Appia: a new take on the classic Bordeaux bottle. One of the best-known models in the wine-growing world since time began, Itinera represents in a contemporary manner with a softer and more slender shape.

Latina Wine Bottle

Latina: Slender shoulder, long neck and tapered base. Latina has a differentiating design strongly inspired by craftsmanship. The characteristic neck sticker recalls the tradition of hand blown glass and bottles from the early 20th century. Unique details that bear the signature of the Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass Innovation Center.

Domizia Wine Bottle

Domizia: Thanks to its wide base that highlights its solidity, Domizia is a functional and practical choice for bottling bubbly, sparkling and semi-sparkling wine. The classic crown cap with a modern reinterpretation adds a touch of exclusivity to the finished product.

Aurelia Wine Bottle

Aurelia: is the bottle from the Itinera collection designed for wineries in touch with the issue of sustainability. The “100% Carbon Neutral” production is achieved by using electricity from renewable sources, biomethane instead of natural gas and a programme dedicated to offset residual CO2 emissions. Available in both ancient green and emerald green in order to maximise the recycled glass content and create the perfect vessel for organic wine growing.


If you would like further information about the Intinera wine bottle collection? Please download our brochure or give us a call today.

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