Everything You Need To Know About Dispensing Pumps


The mighty dispensing pump covers several applications throughout the domestic and commercial market sectors. Dispensing pumps consist of pistons, pump chambers, pump heads, collars and can be designed to deliver different ‘outputs of liquid’ for a single application by the user. In simple terms, you press down on the pump, and liquid comes out of the nozzle.

Dispensing pumps also have many options that are manufactured to work with bottles or different requirements. These include;

The bottleneck size comes in different heights and widths, and some variables include; 18/415, 20/410, 20/415, 24/410 and 24/415. The width is the first value – 18, and the height is the second value, 415. Bottleneck widths and heights work with different dispensing pump sizes. This way, you can create the perfect: ‘match up’ (dispensing pump on a range of different bottles) for your product.

As dispensing pumps are mainly made of plastic in the manufacturing process, it is effortless to add in the desired colour through the formation process. Colour matching can is best suited for large orders because it keeps the cost low. Dispensing pumps can also be made with a coloured aluminium sheath, which looks stunning and gives products a luxury edge in the growing marketplace.

Some popular variables include, 0.5ml, 0.12ml, 0.13ml, 0.28ml, 1.4ml and 2.0ml. These dosing amounts will depend on product specifications. Factors to consider include; the cost of lotion or cream, expected usage, date of the end product or bottle capacity, for example – 100ml.

The plastic tube used inside the product bottle is cut to the correct size of the chamber. This is attached to the pump piston, enabling liquid to move up to the chamber pump and liquid product (contents) to be produced from the head. The diameter of the tube depends on the thickness of the liquid inside the chamber.

Lotion Pumps

A lotion pump can be manufactured to work as a ‘lock up’ or ‘lock down’ device. The best selling pump on the market is the lock-up device, as it looks more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However, each pump has its benefits.

Mainly used for commercial use in Spas, Hotels, Gyms and Leisure Centres. You can find them normally sitting in cages or holders. The lock-down pumps tend to break less in the delivery or locating process.

Lock Down Lotion Pump

The lock-up dispensing pump is a cosmetically desirable design that looks stylish and modern. It doesn’t sit high off the bottle so that you can see the internal tube. These lotion pumps are used for domestic applications, can be stored easier and are child-friendly.

Lock Up Lotion Pump

Lotions pumps are mainly used for soaps, hand creams, antibacterial foams, body lotions, and hair products. For more information on pump locking mechanisms click here.

Cream Pumps

Cream pumps are designed to handle a thicker liquid product. The nozzle has a cleaner finish and can be associated with products designed for cream-based solutions. A cream pump will also come with a cap. This keeps the contents fresh and free from bacterial or product hardening problems around the centre hole.

Cream Pumps

Cream pumps can be used for face or body creams, suntan lotions, hand creams, hair products and decreasing or greasing solutions.

Spray Pumps

Spray pumps are associated with lighter to medium liquid products. However, some spray pumps can be used to disperse heavy liquids such as suntan lotions. The spray is designed to cover a larger surface area on the body or place of application. Spray pumps also come with lids to keep the product fresh and free from possible leaking onto clothing or personal possessions.

Spray Pumps

Spray pumps can be used with many product applications; these include; antibacterial spray, hundreds of cleaning products, suntan lotions, hair, and body creams.

Mini Trigger Pumps

Mini trigger pumps work with thousands of liquid products all over the world. They are designed to make it easy for spreading applications on all kinds of surface areas.

Mini Trigger Pumps

Mini trigger pumps can be used in several commercial and domestic applications including, Antibacterial spray and hundreds of cleaning products.

Foamer Pumps

A foam pump or squeeze foamer is a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid materials. The foam pump outputs the liquid in the form of foam, and it is operated by squeezing. Some foaming pumps come with a protective cap to help protect the liquid inside and stop any unwanted spillages. A foam pump emits doses of the liquid contained in the bottle in the form of foam. Foam is created in the foamer chamber. The liquid constituents are mixed in the foaming chamber, and this is discharged through a nylon mesh.

Foamer Pumps

The foam pump is widely used in cosmetic products and household chemicals, such as mousse foam cleansing, hand washing liquid, hand sanitiser, facial cleanser, shaving cream, hair conditioning mousse, sun protection foam, spot removers and baby products.

Top Dispensers

Top dispensers have been designed to work with cotton pads, cotton wool or alternative cleansing cloths. You can squeeze the liquid onto the pad without making a spillage. These dispensing caps work really well with facial creams or nail varnish removers.

Top Dispensers

This dispensing unit works well with cleansing chemicals, removers and polishers.

Crimp Pumps

Crimp pumps are very popular with fragrance and perfume products. They have a premium finish and are manufactured to produce small amounts of liquid. The spray mechanism pushes small amounts of liquid over a large surface area to spread the misted contents.

Crimp Pumps

Crimp sprayer pumps are extremely popular for;

  • Body sprays
  • Eyeglass cleaners
  • Human breath sprays
  • Vitamin sprays
  • Room and car air fresheners
  • Disinfectants
  • Hundreds of other products where a controlled fine, misting spray – application is necessary.

Powder Spray

Powder spray pumps have been introduced into the cosmetic market as a relatively new design. They are manufactured to help with many applications in the health and beauty industry. They have been a huge success with tanning and foot powder sprays.

powder-spray bottles
Powder Spray Bottles & Dispensing Solutions.

Powder spray dispensing solutions are being used for medicine, talcum powder, hair and nail glitter, food condiments, moisturisers, foot powders and sprays, face and neck creams, cleansers or body and hand creams.

Trigger Sprays

The incredible trigger spray dispensing unit is recognised the world over by its clever design. They make it easy for spreading liquid applications on all kinds of surface areas for domestic and commercial purposes.

trigger pump
Trigger Pumps

Trigger pumps can be used in several applications, including; Antibacterial spray, hundreds of cleaning products and automotive accessories.

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