Flexible Tubes With Lots Of Options


Consumers love flexible tubes (flexible bottles) for their ease of use and convenience. Whilst brand owners and retailers love the flexible tubes for their cost-effectivity and high-end appearance. Flexi tubes also reduce shelf space in-store compared to bottles or jars and are easier to transport.

Berlin Packaging UK offers a stylish range of flexible tubes that can be sampled and ordered with a minimum MOQ of 5K.

We decided to offer the following two variants of the flexible tubes with an exciting range of caps, single layer extruded and biopolymer alternatives. Each tube type offers advantages to help protect product ranges and help create a solid brand image for consumer marketing.


Biopolymer Flexible Tubes

Berlin Packaging UK offers biopolymer tubes for skincare, lotions, creams & pastes. Biopolymer tubes are responsibly manufactured, reducing greenhouse gas emissions & carbon footprint by up to 75%. The tubes are fully recyclable which is a great factor for brand owners seeking a positive green impact on the environment for their consumers.


Single Layered Extruded Flexible Tubes

With the introduction of our new extruded flexible tubes, which are perfect for cosmetic products including creams, lotions, gels, shampoo and other skincare products. We have a wide variety of sizes available, which are ideal for new and existing brands. Our flexible tube range is fully recyclable, while the extruded tubes can be made with a mixture of LDPE & HDPE. These variables mean they can be recycled by the consumer and re-used in the recycling chain for new products.


Flexible tubes offer significant performance and sustainability advantages to both manufacturers and consumers; compared to rigid bottles, they are lightweight and can utilise some of the latest sustainable materials. Tubes are an essential, elegant option for a hand or cabin bag.  The tube is becoming everyone’s modern packaging favourite.

Flexible Tube Caps

There is a wide range of caps and closures available for flexible tubes. However, Berlin Packaging UK offers screw caps and flip-top caps as standard. These caps are made with PP plastic, which is recyclable. We only provide these two options as the bottle and cap can be disposed of in a recycling bin by the consumer as one item.


Tube Dimensions

Berlin Packaging’s flexible tubes are available in a range of different dimensions. These include 35mm, 40mm, and a 50mm diameter. The varying lengths available, depending upon the width chosen, will determine the capacity, ranging from 40ml – to 250ml.


Product Decoration Options

Hot foil stamping is available on the cap and the tube body. This means you can design beautiful graphics, colours and text that work perfectly with your brand offering. We even have the ability to print photo-realistic images onto the tubes which can have a powerful marketing advantage over competitors.

If you’re looking for a luxurious and sophisticated appearance, we recommend using the coloured aluminium foil tube options. Depending on the colours and logos you choose, this type of product decoration option can leave consumers wanting more.


Have you got a product in mind that you would like to launch? Why not give one of Berlin Packagings’ friendly Account Managers a call today.


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  1. Corie says:

    I would like to know how much the MOQ is for each of these products and how much it is per unit?
    Also then how much would it cost be to get each unit printed on ?

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