Four Corners Gin | A True Taste of America

About Four Corners | The United Taste of America

Handcrafted with botanicals from all over the US, Four Corners is a terroir gin that celebrates the diverse and iconic landscapes of America. It is the first gin made with botanicals from all over the United States for a true taste of America.

We travelled to all four corners of the country to capture its flavour – literally.

It took a year to find the right botanicals that could represent the vast and diverse landscapes across the country and almost another year to whittle them down, plot them on a map, find what worked in harmony, balance them, and finally distil and perfect the recipe.

This is our great American road trip in a bottle. You could say it’s the United Taste of America™

The Context

A true taste of America Gin, like this, has never been made before. It is the first All-American gin – as in the first gin made with botanicals sourced from all across the US.

You’ll find, most American gins that are in the market are either regional and quite localised, and/or they use botanicals from far-flung places around the world.

We believe that North America is the most geographically diverse continent on Earth, and that everything we needed to make the best gin in the world grew in right here in America.

As Four Corners gin is a celebration of the many stunning landscapes and iconic regions spread across America, the packaging had to reflect this iconic beauty.

From experience, we knew that more than 80% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of purchase. People buy with their eyes, especially when it comes to gin. We went about fusing two iconic American genres together – the elegance of the art deco era, that saw America invent cocktail culture, and the iconic soda shop seltzer bottle.

The Challenge

With the help of Dead Reckoning Ltd, the creative agency that helped develop the brand and Berlin Packaging we worked at fusing these two classic American styles.

It was a challenging brief from both a design and technical point of view. We solved the bottle challenges by capturing both styles in just the right proportions.

We decorated the bottle with a striking blue hue and added our logo; a bold off-centred X decal that visually and simply tells our unique story. The next step was to find a closure that would add further Super Premium cues to our brand.

We tried a swing top and various wooden corks during this process, but none fitted the sophisticated look and feel of our bottle. The team at Berlin Packaging suggested that we try a Vinolok Deco glass closure. Vinolok Closures are customisable, and the art deco styled closure we chose very much complemented our bottle design.

Both teams at Berlin and at Vinolok began working on an outer coating (which had never been done before) for the Vinolok Deco Closure. The Vinolok closure worked absolutely seamlessly with our newly designed bottle.

The sum of the parts (decoration, decal and closure) really achieves the standout we were looking for on shelf.

How did Berlin Packaging provide added value?

We have made a stunning bottle that is truly ‘bar cart ready’

Having worked together previously, we knew that the Berlin Packaging design team had the capabilities to produce exactly what was needed.

Our aim was to produce an aesthetically beautiful bottle that was technically sound and competitively priced.

Berlin Packaging were able to offer the extra benefit of having a complete packaging solution, which was ideal for what we were looking for. It was convenient to have a local manager as a direct point of contact to engage with on all aspects of the packaging design process.

Additionally, we had the chance to visit Berlin Packaging’s House of The Possible in Milan, Italy to discover their Studio 111 capabilities. This really accelerated the process.

The Result

The overall goal was to make an aesthetically beautiful bottle that would jump off shelves and consumers would buy with their eyes.

With the help of Berlin, we absolutely achieved this goal.

We have had tremendous amounts of positive feedback from media, content creators, trade, and most importantly consumers. We can happily say we collectively have produced a stunning bottle that is truly ‘bar cart ready’.

When we started the project, we knew we wanted to create a sustainable bottle. The aim was to make the bottle so attractive that customers would actively re-use it as a water decanter, flower vase, candle or diffuser holder.

The whole pack is recyclable, including the Vinolok closure.

We love the bottle, we’ve seen on social media and heard from customers in store that they are actively reusing the bottle. Our bottles have become design features in US homes and bars!

We will continue to work with Berlin Packaging to further improve our Sustainability credentials.

We’re looking to explore the addition of recycled glass to the production method and also reducing the bottle’s weight.

– Gary McLoughlin | Marketing Director, Cobblestones Brands


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