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Originally, Battles was started in 1832 as an animal medicine manufacturer which has since expanded into all areas of Equine and Rider needs as well as dog and poultry products.

They’re the UK’s most established and leading provider of all of the major animal health, equestrian, and pet care brands to distributors and retailers throughout the country, many of which are available via a next-day delivery service.

Battles provide retailers and distributors throughout the UK with the most extensive range of animal health, equestrian, and pet care products around.

They manufacture and export their own range of brands to livestock owners across the world, as well as fulfilling contracted manufacturing for other brands within the industry.

Battles are constantly investing in the latest technology and facilities to provide customers with accurate, efficient, and complete end-to-end service, plus an unprecedented range of products, many of which are exclusive to them.


What’s’ the reason for adopting the packaging of choice?

Initially, Battles weren’t looking to change their bottle but when Berlin Packaging UK produced the Dosing Bottle it stood out as a good alternative to the one they already used.

Once it was tried and tested amongst the team, it was a unanimous decision, it was very much preferred over the one they were originally using.

The bottle Battles were using they weren’t able to use on an automated filling machine due to the straw down the side, they never sat straight on the conveyer belt.

This new bottle allows us to use this machine due to the shape of the bottle.

The old bottle also had 2 lids so only using 1 not only saved on cost but also on time.


Why did you choose Berlin Packaging UK over the competition?

The customer found that cost and efficiency were the main deciding factors along with the fact that the Dosing Bottle is a patented design unique to Personal Care | Berlin Packaging UK

The Outcome

The main objective has been achieved as the overall cost of the Dosing Bottle and the lid was considerably cheaper than the bottle we used originally. The customer will continue to use the Dosing Bottle and look to see if there were other products within their range that would also benefit in the product switch.

About the Dosing Bottle 

This innovative dosing bottle enables the user to dose a specific amount of liquid in 3 steps; it’s simple, smart, fast, and reliable.

This patented dosing system offers many benefits compared to the existing concepts. The system does not consist of different parts that should be assembled or mounted on the bottle but form an integrated system with the whole packaging.

For the user, the packaging is ready to use. Subjective influences such as the ‘correct orientation of the packaging’ and the old-fashioned ‘squeezing the reservoir’ are not needed. The dosing system is thus insensible for manipulations from the user.

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