The Future Of The Modern Day Liquid Dispensing Pumps


The dispensing pump marketplace is changing all the time. These little bottle pumps require specific functionality and offer great performance. Brand owners require stylish, embossed pump detailing and demand variety, quality and performance.

Manufacturers and suppliers are working around the clock to make the mighty dispensing pump sustainable. Dispensing pumps can cover an enormous amount of marketing product sectors, these include;

Dispensing Pumps

  • Lotion Pumps
  • Cream Pumps
  • Spray Pumps
  • Foamer Pumps
  • Crimp Pumps
  • Mini Spray Bottles
  • Dropper Bottles
  • Trigger Sprays
  • Mini Trigger Sprays
  • Top Dispensers.

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This range of dispensing solutions covers everything from shampoos, body creams, hair products and hygiene products.


Dispensing Pump Benefits

The key benefit of modern-day dispensers is that nearly all liquid products can be emptied from the container. This is because the pumps they use have pump-action technology. Traditional tube containers generally require regular squeezing to reach the remaining liquid product. Some consumers will cut plastic containers in half to get at the remaining contents. The dispensing pumps can also offer a controlled dose. This helps the consumer become more efficient with the product, causing less waste and saving money along the way. Dispensing pumps have also been engineered to ‘suck back’ the liquid contents. This feature helps pull the product back into the top of the bottle, following the dispensing *process.

*Pressing down on the dispensing pump creating liquid displacement.


Is The Future Airless?

Airless pump technology is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of product dispensing. Incorporating the concept of a vacuum & piston; airless pump technology ensures that approximately 98% of the product is dispensed. In the world of cosmetics, packaging plays a distinctive part in protecting the contents. The idea is not to allow oxygen to meet the product within the container; otherwise, the life and quality of the product reduce quickly. Contact with oxygen affects the chemical and physical properties of the ingredients. Airless pump bottles are the perfect solution for long-term preservation and shelf life longevity.


The airless solution is also fully recyclable, uses less plastic as a single container and is easily dispensed of in the recycling chain. Many brands are using the all-in-one solution as part of their product range.

Dispensing Pumps

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