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Whether you’re after a new line of machines, or just upgrading your existing setup, we have you covered with our comprehensive selection of products. We can even assist you with spares for existing bottling machinery, supplying exclusively from the EU. There’s something for everyone in our expansive selection.

In addition, you’ll benefit from us being a one-stop shop as you’ll only need one point of contact for all your dry goods needs. giving you peace of mind knowing your brand can continue business as usual.

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1. Capping Services

The capping head is designed to handle and apply closures efficiently and accurately. It typically consists of a mechanical or pneumatic assembly that holds and positions the closure in the correct orientation, aligning it with the container opening. The head then applies downward pressure to secure the closure onto the container, forming a tight seal.

It’s important to note that specific machinery and technologies used in closure applications can vary across industries and manufacturers. Therefore, the exact design and operation of capping heads may differ based on the specific requirements of a given packaging line.

2. Tri Block Machinery

Tri block machinery refers to a type of packaging machinery commonly used in the rinsing, filling and capping of liquid products.

The machine typically comprises three sections, each specialized in a specific function: the filling section, the capping section, and the rinsing section.

The tri block machinery is designed for high-speed, automated production lines and is used in various industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing.

The machine’s capability to perform multiple functions in a single unit reduces production time, increases accuracy, and minimizes human involvement in the packaging process, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.


3. Labelling Equipment

Manual labelling equipment. This type of equipment consists of tabletop label applicators. It is ideal for smaller production runs or areas with limited space.

Semi-automatic labelling equipment. This equipment includes tabletop label applicators with a few automated features. It is suitable for medium-sized production runs and is commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, health and beauty and pharmaceuticals.

Automatic labelling equipment. This includes fully automated label applicators that can apply multiple labels to the containers at high speed. It is ideal for large production runs in industries such a food, beverage and cosmetics.


4. Capsule Spinning Machines

This process is done using a machine called a capsule spinning machine, which is typically a rotary capping machine with a spinning head that applies and spins the capsules onto the bottles.

The capsules are automatically dispensed into a cup that then pneumatically pushes the capsule onto the top of the bottle.

The pneumatic spinning heads then engage directly over the top of the bottle and move downwards.

The smooth application of the capsules is managed by the integrated rollers that spin very fast and form the capsules onto the bottle to form a perfect seal.


5. De-palletising Equipment

De-palletising equipment is used to automatically remove products from their pallets.

This equipment is typically used in warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities to speed up the process of unloading products from pallets.

De-palletising equipment can work in various ways, including vacuum suction, robotic arms, and conveyors. The type of equipment selected depends on the size and weight of the products being handled, as well as the production environment.

Some examples of de-palletising equipment include auto depalletisers, vacuum lifters, pallet inverters, and robotic de-palletisers.

These devices can help to reduce labour costs, improve efficiency, and increase safety in the workplace.


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