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This innovative dosing bottle enables the user to dose a specific amount of liquid in 3 steps; it’s simple, smart, fast, and reliable.

This patented dosing system offers many benefits compared to the existing concepts. The system does not consist of different parts that should be assembled or mounted on the bottle but form an integrated system with the whole packaging.

For the user, the packaging is ready to use. Subjective influences such as the ‘correct orientation of the packaging’ and the old-fashioned ‘squeezing the reservoir’ are not needed. The dosing system is thus insensible for manipulations from the user.


Overdosing or overpouring is impossible


The advantages of the Dosing System

  • No loose parts such as measuring cups
  • Standard dosing bottles range from 250ml-500ml and 1000ml with various dosing units
  • Works independently from the user (no squeezing or other subjective handling required)
  • The dosing process takes place within the bottle
  • Prevents contact between the liquid and the consumer
  • Prevents spoiling of liquid in the environment
  • Dosing of fixed volume and various volumes is possible.
  • Ensures accurate dosing.
  • Can be processed on existing production – and filling lines.
  • Great freedom in the design/shape of the bottle.
  • Great freedom in the volume to be dosed, for example, volumes from 5ml up to 100 ml can easily be achieved.
  • Due to (if required) the vision line in the bottle, the bottle can be coloured in every wished colour.



SKU: 51530 | Dosing Bottle/Cap System | Berlin Packaging UK


The concept distinguishes itself as extremely user-friendly. Moreover, the system is perfectly suitable for the production of customized bottles with their own identity.

To colourise existing dosing variants was never an option. However, with this system colorizing the bottle has become a possibility.

Anyone who would like to use this unique system is able to add their own identity (look) to the bottle, both in terms of shape/design and in terms of using their own corporate colours.

Therefore, this innovative system will function regardless of the design and shape of the packaging.

Bark Dosing Bottle from Bark Innovations on Vimeo.


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